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The game industry’s largest professional event, the 2024 Game Developers Conference (GDC), is back in San Francisco on March 18 – 22, and along with it are 10 DigiPen community members who will contribute their expertise as session hosts, panelists, and presenters.

Faculty and alumni will present on everything from the open-world audio system in Destiny 2 to best practices in putting together your industry portfolio. Two DigiPen students will also present their award-winning submissions to the 2024 GDC Student Narrative Analysis Competition, including Vasilisa Shcherbakova on her Platinum-winning insights on Katana Zero and Noah Crissey on his Gold-winning breakdown of God of War (2018).

Here’s a rundown on all the DigiPen Dragon presenters at GDC 2024 and where to find them:

Ryan Duffin (AAA in 3D Computer Animation, 2001), Animation Director at Undead Labs.

Vasilisa Shcherbakova (BA in Game Design, 2025), DigiPen Student

Noah Crissey (BA in Game Design, 2026), DigiPen Student

Patrick Martin (BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Simulation, 2009), Developer Relations Engineer at Google

Aviva Schecterson (BA in Game Design, 2016), Senior Combat Designer at Stoic

Luis Villegas (MS in Computer Science, 2008), Chief Technology Officer at Bungie

Peter Kugler (BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Simulation, 2007), Engineering Architect at Bungie

Brian Schmidt, Principal Lecturer in Music, DigiPen

Jessica Kurtrakun (MFA in Digital Arts, 2014), Senior Creative Lead at Hypixel Studios

Zak Whaley (BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Simulation, 2011), Director of Engineering at PlayEveryWare