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It’s spring time at DigiPen, which can only mean one thing — a treasure trove of new student games is on the way!

The DigiPen community celebrated another year’s worth of interdisciplinary game projects last month during the online Student Game Showcase event. GAM class faculty from multiple departments introduced the trailers for dozens of first-year, sophomore, junior, and senior-level game projects — from gritty dungeon crawlers and sleek 2D platformers to inventive shooters, puzzlers, card battlers, and more.

According to senior lecturer Justin Chambers, who served as the master of ceremonies for this year’s showcase, teams of students from all degree programs worked together — often across multiple time zones — in order to bring their game ideas to life.

“This year really put students and teams to the test. Everyone showed such great resilience, and the games shined!” Chambers says.

For those who missed the live viewing, you can watch the entire showcase below. You’ll soon be able to play many of these games — along with hundreds more — by downloading them from the DigiPen Game Gallery or Steam.