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The DigiPen community cast their votes last week for the best student games of 2014.

This year’s grand prize Claude Comair Game of the Year award went to the sophomore project SubRay, a 2D underwater exploration game developed by Team Atmos. The game also won awards for its outstanding A.I., audio, 2D visual design, and gameplay design.

The mythic sci-fi racer known as Arc took the first runner up spot, followed closely by the senior game project Chained.

Check out the full list of winners below.

Be sure to look for these games and many more to appear soon in the newly redesigned DigiPen game gallery. In the meantime, you can watch our presentation of the 2014 Student Game Showcase on the DigiPen YouTube channel.

Winners by Category

Claude Comair Game of the Year ($3,000) - SubRay

First runner-up ($2,000) - Arc

Second runner-up ($1,000) - Chained

M.J. Quigley Award for Exceptional Contributions to Game Projects - Seth Weedin

Most Innovative Design - SubRay

Most Addictive Game - Mashball

Most Poetic Experience - Chained

Best Music/Audio - SubRay

Best Multiplayer Experience - Mashball

Best Artificial Intelligence - SubRay

Best Characters - Chained

Best Physics - Arc

Best Graphics Technology - Arc

Best 2D Visual Design - SubRay

Best 3D Visual Design - Arc

Best Technology - Arc

Best Freshman Game - Mansion Mashers

Best Sophomore Game - SubRay

Best Junior Game - Arc

Best Senior Game - Chained

Best Masters Game - Mages in Mazes