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At 25 members, Synaptic Sugar is one of the largest DigiPen game teams ever assembled, so it makes sense that their game project is an equally massive undertaking.

In Relic, players take on the role of Sam Ward, an intergalactic treasure hunter who is on the lookout for her next big score. As she navigates her way through a derelict spaceship, her trusty grappling beam and AI companion in tow, players become immersed in the game’s richly decorated 3D environments.

We interviewed four of the team leaders to talk about how they managed to weave together a wide range of disciplines — including narrative, level design, audio direction, 3D art production, and more — into a cohesive and engaging player experience. Check out the video and download Relic from the DigiPen Showcase.

Fun Fact: The art direction for the main character Sam was inspired by science fiction sources from the 1950s.