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Team N.U.T.S. — the development team behind N.U.T.S.: Forest FriendZ — is composed of just three DigiPen students, but you wouldn’t guess it based on the richly imagined 2D brawler the group designed for their sophomore game project.

The premise of N.U.T.S. is as wacky as its name implies: When lumberjacks move in and begin logging the nearby forest, four super-powered woodland critters team up to fend off the encroaching humans and save their home. Playing as either a brutish hedgehog, druidic squirrel, stealthy raccoon, or stink-hurling skunk, players must fight tooth and claw against waves of enemies in this raucous multiplayer beat ‘em up.

We caught up with Team N.U.T.S. to get their thoughts on designing this brawler for their sophomore game project. Check out our video interview with Team N.U.T.S. below or download N.U.T.S.: Forest FriendZ from the DigiPen Showcase right now.

Fun Fact: N.U.T.S. is an acronym for Never Underestimate Team Synergy.