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When lumberjacks threaten their sylvan home, a crew of hard-hitting critters band together to save the forest. The 2D co-op brawler allows four players to control a raccoon assassin, a hulking hedgehog, a stinky skunk ranger, and a squirrel healer in beardy battle against waves of wrathful woodsmen.

N.U.T.S. takes visual cues from games like Castle Crashers and The Binding of Isaac. The student team was inspired by the way those games utilized Flash’s art tools to create a distinct look and feel for themselves, as well as their prevailing sense of humor.

Game Screenshots

  • Orange lumberjacks on snowmobiles zoom across the snow as a crew of purple lumberjacks attempt to chop down a tree.
  • A hedgehog, skunk, squirrel, and raccoon flee from a lumberjack shooting a giant flame from a tank.
  • An enormous fiery explosion erupts from the base of a tree.

The Team

  • Evan Alderete

    BA in Music and Sound Design

    Role: Composer

  • Ryan Baker

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Designer

  • Michael Cushing

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Designer

  • Grey Davenport

    BA in Music and Sound Design

    Role: Sound Designer

  • Nathan Hansen

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Artist

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