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Over the next few weeks, we’ll be putting the spotlight on some DigiPen student game teams and the projects they worked on during the 2014-15 academic year. Today we’re looking at Book of Dreams by team Radio Galaxy.

The Book of Dreams has been torn apart and scattered by the evil Nyx, and it’s up to four pajama-clad friends to put things right. Armed only with pillows, players must battle and brawl through hordes of whimsical enemies — from banjo-plucking frogs to laser-blasting eyeballs — in order to find the legendary tome’s missing pages. It’s a slumber party for the ages!

Team Radio Galaxy created Book of Dreams as their senior game project at DigiPen. Check out our video interview with Radio Galaxy below and download Book of Dreams from the DigiPen Showcase.

Fun fact: Book of Dreams is actually a sequel to the 2012 freshman game Oneironauts.