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Traditionally, you’re supposed to put on a costume and knock on a stranger’s door to get Halloween treats. While cosplay is popular here at DigiPen, you don’t need to dress up or even leave your home if you’d like some Halloween treats from us. Just click a download button, and you’ll instantly get free games in your digital goodie bag, courtesy of our talented students! But beware all ye gamers who enter here, because legend has it, our students have made some truly spine-tingling titles in the past. If you’re brave enough to endure the virtual thrills and chills we have to offer, consider playing these spooky student games this All Hallows’ Eve.


Exploring abandoned prisons at night isn’t a DigiPen-sanctioned activity, but that’s exactly what your character decides to do in this first-person horror experience. After your curiosity leads you to break into the Penitence County Correctional Facility, a mysterious figure knocks you unconscious. Awakening deep inside the building with a flashlight as your only light source, you must find a way to escape its terrifying confines. Just make sure your flashlight’s batteries don’t die, or you might too.

Erebus' protagonist approaches a blood-splattered chair in a dark room with a flashlight.

The Luminist

A mining company serviceman named Dietrich is sent to fix an electrical failure in the Bravst substation, but on the way down the shaft, the elevator mysteriously malfunctions. Stranded in the subterranean settlement, Dietrich quickly realizes something is very wrong. The miners have disappeared, strange markings cover the walls, and hostile creatures loom in the shadows. Survive, escape, and unravel the mystery of the miners’ fate if you can!

A monster rushes at The Luminist's protagonist Dietrich before he runs away.

Night of the Living Bread: Dough Rising

A game fit for the Halloween or Christmas season, VR shooter Night of the Living Bread: Dough Rising pits you against sugary hordes of undead gingerbread men. Brought to life by the occult powers of the Omnomnomicon, it’s up to you, a member of an elite special forces unit known as The Bakers, to take down the carnivorous cookies. How, you ask? By using your arsenal of bread-themed weaponry, of course.

A man wearing a VR headset and a baker's hat shoots at hordes of undead gingerbread men.


In this 3D, first-person horror experience, you’ll plumb the depths of a cavernous factory where a mysterious monster named “The Foreman” roams. Pinging with your sonar suit, you’ll be able to visualize fleeting images of the pitch black environment. But be warned — even though the Foreman might not see you in the darkness, he can hear you.

Ping's protagonist “pings” in the darkness with their sonar suit, briefly revealing a row of other suits on hooks.

Close Your Eyes

A young girl wakes up in a monochromatic nightmare full of monsters and lethal obstacles. In this 2D puzzle-platformer, closing your eyes and running away is actually a good thing. Although the screen will turn black, trusting your other senses will open up new solutions and pathways that your fear might otherwise obscure.

A grey ghost suddenly lunges towards a young girl.

Trappist Landing

An idealistic exobiologist, Sara Mungez, dreams of making contact with other life forms in the Trappist solar system. As you explore the alien world of this 3D adventure, you’ll quickly discover that your enthusiasm isn’t shared by its Lovecraftian inhabitants. They don’t want to meet you — they want to eat you.

A mutant alien lunges towards the camera in a cavern.

How May I Haunt You?

Breathe a sigh of relief, because you don’t have to worry about dying in this game. You start off already dead! Players assume the role of a freshly deceased resident of Redleaf Hollow, a special town where ghosts and the living co-exist in harmony. Led by your handy “polterguide” Spooky Jones, you’ll learn how to assist the town’s humans with your newfound spectral abilities in this VR puzzle adventure.

The player waves at Spooky Jones with their spectral hands, both hovering above the town of Redleaf Hollow.

Eyes in the Dark

Nobody likes getting called in to work unexpectedly. That’s doubly true when it’s the middle of the night, you work in a terrifying factory, and the power just went out. Your simple task to restart the factory’s main terminal goes seriously sideways in this top-down, 2D adventure. As swarms of gruesome creatures emerge from the darkness, can you make it out of the factory with only your flashlight and some flares to assist you?

A top-down view of a factory worker shooting flares at an enormous centipede in the dark.


Having a tentacular parasite attached to your brain probably isn’t pleasant outside of a video game. In the charcoal-drawn 2D platformer Utomah, however, you’ll need to make use of its dashing, grappling, and swinging abilities in order to escape the gothic nightmare world you’ve found yourself in.

A boy with a tentacle on his head whips an enemy then swings over a fire pit.


Malevolent machines control the world in 3D first-person puzzler Outlier. Although the ominous, cybernetic entity known as Hive Mind has a tight grip on society, you just might be able to hack your way to freedom using terminals throughout the world. Just don’t get caught!

Outlier's protagonist walks through a backyard full of robotic attachments and remains.