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Game projects are one of the key distinguishing features of DigiPen’s educational approach, giving students the chance to put the lessons they learn in the classroom into action. Every year, games of all stripes materialize before students’ and instructors’ eyes.

“From day one, they have to start learning what it means to be on a team. They come up with their own ideas, their prototypes. They prove them out. They have to learn to make game art and the animation assets that go into a final working game engine. It’s a complex and amazing process to watch,” Senior Lecturer Matt Brunner explained during this year’s virtual showcase.

“Game projects are where our students take everything they’ve learned in all of their classes and bring it together to make something amazing,” Senior Lecturer Ellen Beeman says. “Despite the very difficult situation with COVID-19, this year was no exception. I’m always so impressed with what our students can accomplish together.”

Students’ diligence, discipline, and creativity culminate in one of DigiPen’s hallmark annual events, the Game Showcase. This year, the Game Showcase went completely virtual with a premiere on YouTube on Friday, April 24. With over 200 viewers at one point, attendees witnessed dragons, underwater worlds, French raccoons, and more.

Ready to dive in and see the many projects our students created this year? Watch the recorded stream below!


MSCS/MFA Games: 1:26
Freshman Games: 6:18
Sophomore Games: 21:48
Junior Games: 44:18
Senior Games: 49:54
GAM 375/PRJ 402 Games: 57:08