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DigiPen’s Fall 2024 applications are officially open! Get started on completing yours today.

DigiPen Student Art by Hwa Min Jung

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New on Campus


Guest Talk: ILM Immersive’s Jose Perez III on Star Wars, Interactive Storytelling and Experience Design

Current and prospective students peeked behind the curtain of VR and immersive experience design at this special campus presentation.


How Brigitte Samson Went from Animating Dragons to Teaching Them

From animating perilous yetis to enriching students and game teams at DigiPen, senior lecturer Brigitte Samson puts teamwork at the forefront.

Our Students Are Amazing

Student Showcase
  • Ranked Top 5

    The Princeton Review ranked DigiPen a Top 5 Game Design School for the last 14 years.

  • 442 Selections

    Student films from DigiPen's three global campuses have earned 442 awards and festival selections.

  • 2,000+ Games

    DigiPen alumni have helped ship more than 2,000 commercial game titles, including some of the most popular video games of all time.

  • 278 Awards

    Students from DigiPen's three global campuses have won 278 awards for game projects and academic papers.

Do What You Love.  Love What You Do.

We prepare students for a wide range of careers — doing the kind of work that challenges the mind and excites the imagination. Check out some examples of what our alumni have gone on to do after DigiPen.

Alumni Success
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Don’t miss any updates and get access to our digital viewbook!