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Hop, grapple, and swing your way through a series of colorful halls and rooms as you make your way through a perilous, abandoned castle. Take control of Lynn, a descendant of a long line of whip-wielding warriors, and use your graceful skills to snatch the sparkling treasures scattered throughout the fortress.

Game Screenshots

  • A woman jumps and prepares to grapple onto a metal cog using her metal whip.
  • A woman uses a metal whip as a grappling hook to swing on a metal cog.
  • A woman crouches and uses a metal whip to destroy a brick wall blocking her path.
  • A woman uses a metal whip to swing across a gap.
  • A woman crouches on a moving platform while surrounded by spikes below and above the platform.
  • A woman uses a metal whip to hang from a moving cog.
  • An airborne woman jumps between spikes as she prepares a strike with her whip.
  • A woman uses a metal whip to hang from a moving cog suspended by a rope.
  • A title screen with the name of the game, Grapplania, in front of a black background.

Created by Single Play

  • Daniel Nunes

    BS in Computer Science and Game Design

    Role: Programmer, Designer, Artist

  • Noah Taublieb

    Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design

    Role: Audio Designer

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