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Become the headmaster of a new video game school in this 2D sim game. Build the school from the ground up room by room, upgrade the building, and manage your budget, and make sure students are motivated and graduating with good GPAs.

Game Screenshots

  • The screen displays information on a student named Steven Lawson studying to become a programmer.
  • An outside view of your three-story video game school building.
  • Former developer Brad Bromayor gives the player info on student motivation stats.
  • The player views management information about their game school, including enrolled students, required GPAs and tuition.

The Team

  • Patrick-Michael Casey

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Artist

  • Eduardo Gorinstein

    BS in Computer Science and Game Design

    Role: Lead Designer/Simulation Programmer

  • Spencer Mauro

    BA in Music and Sound Design

    Role: Composition and Sound Design

  • Adam Rezich

    BS in Computer Science and Game Design

    Role: Technical Director/Engine Programmer

  • Der Hui Tai

    BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

    Role: Producer

  • Samuel Valdez

    BS in Computer Science and Game Design

    Role: Product Manager

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