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Dimensional Gears is a 2.5D puzzle platforming game that takes place in a dystopian steam-punk future where household appliances are the only sentient beings left. You play as Mike O. Wave the lovable microwave. You and your friends are stuck in an abandoned factory and must use Mike’s supernatural ability to shift dimensions in order to escape. Make the most of this strange power to explore a dangerous 2.5D environment within a shifting, orthographic plane to escape the factory.

Game Screenshots

  • The sentient microwave jumps across moving platforms over lava
  • The sentient microwave is preparing to jump over a spiked ball over a pit of lava
  • The sentient microwave stands on a moving platform next to collectable bags
  • The sentient microwave stands on a platform next to a red button that can be stood on
  • A sentient microwave jumping on platforms in a factory

Created by Discontinued Developers

  • Noah Taublieb

    Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design

    Role: Audio Director and Designer

  • Daniel Nunes

    BS in Computer Science

    Role: Producer, Audio Programmer

  • Gilberto Jimenez

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Level Designer, UX Designer

  • Damian Rouse

    BS in Computer Science

    Role: Graphics and Gameplay Programmer

  • Aj Bussman

    BS in Computer Science

    Role: Technical Director and Gameplay Programmer

  • Michael Zander

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Technical/System Designer

  • Ben Thompson

    BS in Computer Science

    Role: Gameplay and AI Programmer

  • Nattamon Chungwatana

    BS in Computer Science

    Role: Art Director and Grapple Programmer

  • Vatsapon Asawakittiporn

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Narrative and UX Designer

  • Keion Rodriguez

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Level Designer, UX Designer

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