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Last week, the DigiPen students on Team Widdershins finally released their highly anticipated game Perspective to the world.

Perspective is an innovative new puzzle platformer where players move their 2D avatar through 3D space by shifting their perspective via a first-person camera. You should download and play Perspective from the Showcase, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to what the critics are saying about Perspective:

  • Perspective’s a puzzle-platformer about crazy dimension-shifting from the equally crazy kids at DigiPen. Does a jump seem completely impossible? Well then, shift your view such that two bits of un-linked platform align in a two-dimensional fashion. … There’s definitely a Portal-esque ‘Wait, the world doesn’t work this way and my brain calls shenanigans on you, good sir’ learning curve.”– Rock, Paper, Shotgun

  • Perspective is a strong effort from the institute that brought us the prototypes for what would later become Portal and its sequel’s gel mechanic. It’s more bare bones than any of Valve’s classics, but it’s still a stellar proof of concept that’s worth checking out.”– Eurogamer

  • “Some might compare it to games like Fez, Crush and Echochrome. Perspective is different in that it allows full movement in 3D space, which opens up a lot of new ways to use perception as a puzzle mechanic to create new paths in 2D. … Like many DigiPen projects, the eight students who worked on the game went above-and-beyond typical expectations with this one.”– GeekWire

  • “One of the more impressive aspects of [Perspective] is how elegantly the rules are taught the player. The first few moments of the game introduce the basic concepts that make up the dual control of the camera and the game’s main character, and then the puzzles themselves begin to teach the gamer how to use more advanced tactics.”– The Penny Arcade Report

  • “Much like previous DigiPen-projects-turned-Valve games Narbacular Drop and Tag: The Power of Paint, there is an interesting idea behind this project that could be expanded through Valve’s resources and financial backing. While Perspective is plenty of neat on its own – twice as true of a student project – I can only imagine how these mechanics could make our heads spin by being thrown into Portal’s puzzle labyrinths.”– Destructoid

Download and play Perspective from the DigiPen Showcase.