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The DigiPen community looked ahead to a new semester of fun and engaging extra-curricular activities on Friday with the virtual Club Fair 2020, hosted this year on Twitch. While the annual Club Fair is usually an on-campus event, this year’s version was hosted online.

Like in previous years, it was a chance to showcase a range of student-led clubs and what they plan to do in the coming year. The event drew in more than 200 viewers, and within hours of the broadcast, DigiPen’s Student Affairs team received 10 applications for new clubs.

Here’s a quick look at the clubs that presented on Friday, each of which has its own Discord server to facilitate online gatherings and activities. For more information on these and other student clubs for the Fall 2020 semester, students can join the DigiPen Student Body Discord. Students will be required to verify their identity before gaining full access.

Wellness Club

This club is all about good vibes and positivity in both mind and body. Wellness Club participants meet twice weekly, using optional VR chat and Discord. Activities range from mediation to conscious acts of kindness and more.


As DigiPen’s LGBTQIA+ club, PRISM welcomes students of all gender identities and sexual orientations for weekly meetings via Discord. In addition to providing a safe and comfortable environment to socialize and enjoy good company, PRISM has also hosted a range of events, such as film screenings, industry speakers, clothing swaps, and organizing “Pride Week” on campus.

Halo Club

Just as the name implies, Halo Club is all about getting together to play friendly and competitive matches of all games featured in Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC and Xbox One. In the past, Halo Club participants have even played alongside Halo developers from 343 Industries, as well as the Halo franchise’s official cosplayer, SavageGiggles.

RPG Club

Tell stories. Make friends. Have fun! This club invites students to come and dive into the world of tabletop role-playing games — from cyberpunk campaigns to high-fantasy adventures and everything in between. The club is open to both novice and experienced RPG players alike, and students are welcome to drop in and out at any time. Weekly game sessions will take place via Discord on Sundays from 4-7 p.m.


This club is open to students who just need to blow off some bubbles by getting together each week to stream episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants. There’s also optional snack recommendations for each episode, SpongeBob meme reviews, and more.

D&D Club

Here’s another club for experienced RPG players or those just starting out. This club, however, is dedicated solely to Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. Club members can meet up online via Discord (and eventually in person) every Saturday at 4 p.m. to join in on a large, ongoing campaign with multiple dungeon masters and a free drop-in, drop-out policy.

Other DigiPen student clubs will be sending out information to students at a later date.