In a fantasy realm where islands float in the sky, shards of a long forgotten magical artifact called the Geochine lie scattered in its far reaches. You are Terra, who goes on a quest to find the Geochine shards with the help of your missing father's notes and gain power over the land. It is physics puzzle platformer that allows the player to use their abilities to control both their character and the world at the same time to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles to allow their character to carry on. Requires Steam.
  • Marcus Soh - Game Designer / Writer
  • Datu Yogabrata - Game Designer
  • Ang Tze Yi - Environment Artist / Concept Artist / Storyboard Artist
  • Lee Han Boon - Programmer
  • Daniel Phua - Programmer
  • Tan Aitian - Programmer
  • Joy Li - Character Artist, Animator, UI Artist