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Sizing up the marble-maze world of Leshy is important if you want to win, but so is sizing down. The rolling sphere you control will need to shrink to mere centimeters and slip through hidden crannies, as well as balloon to level-dwarfing proportions in order to navigate each stage of this multi-dimensional 3D puzzler.

Leshy was originally titled “Quicksilver Blaze,” and featured a wacky backstory for the ball you control. According to the tale, after video games eliminated the once thriving pinball business, the Russian mob (who were big pinball investors) take revenge on the world’s most famous video game programmer Pete Spelunker, zapping him into a strange program as a pinball. Pete, however, hacks the program and manages to seize control of the pinball’s size.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2012 Independent Propeller Awards

    Finalist, Technical Excellence

  • 2012 Independent Propeller Awards

    Finalist, Best Design

  • 2012 Independent Propeller Awards

    Finalist, Best Audio

Game Screenshots

  • A black ball sits on a white block with the text "There's plenty of room at the bottom" next to it.
  • A black ball sits on a white plane with gold tubes below it and a blue ball in the distance.
  • A black ball sits at the edge of an abstract obstacle course floating in mid air.

The Team

  • Chin Chong

    MS in Computer Science

    Role: Game Designer

  • Andrew Friedland

    MS in Computer Science

    Role: Physics Engineer

  • Fanny Herrera

    MS in Computer Science

    Role: Producer

  • Malte Skarupke

    MS in Computer Science

    Role: Technical Director

  • Tyler Woods

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Music Composer

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