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DigiPen Institute of Technology is pleased to announce the official opening of our new ceramics studio.

Next semester, DIT will begin offering ceramics courses to students who are interested in exploring ceramics design, structure, and techniques. Current undergraduate students can choose to take ceramics courses to fulfill their general elective requirements. For the Spring 2013 semester, students may register for Art 111 – Introduction to Ceramics, or ART 222 – Ceramics Handbuilding.

DIT’s ceramics studio features 10 professional-quality pottery wheels, three large plaster wedging tables, five wood top working tables, stainless steel glazing tables, banding wheels, high fire glazes, and large sinks with multiple faucets for easy cleaning. The studio also includes a large damp room with ample shelving for storing projects, as well as a ventilated clay and glaze mixing room with a pugmill, stainless steel raw material bins and a sink. The vented kiln room is equipped with Skutt KM1227 kilns, kiln furniture, and shelving.

Overseeing the ceramics studio is DIT Art Instructor Ken Turner. Ken has had a lifelong passion for ceramics and has exhibited his work in numerous museums and galleries, including the Northwest Museum of Art & Culture and the American Museum of Ceramic Art. He has taught at a various universities, colleges, and art centers since 1994, and has also lectured at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and the Fine Arts College of Shanghai, China.

Starting in February of 2013, DIT will also offer continuing education courses in ceramics to the general public. For details about these courses and to register, visit DIT’s Continuing Education page.

Staff, students, and faculty are welcome to visit the new ceramics studio to see the equipment, meet the faculty, and learn more about these new courses.