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The Student Association Award, also known as the “Gordy,” recognizes the staff or faculty member who has made the most significant and positive impact on the student experience here at DigiPen.

Each year, the student body nominates faculty or staff members through paper ballots that are brought to the Student Association for consideration. Based on these nominees, the Student Association chooses the person who they feel most embodies the spirit of the award.

This year’s award winner has been a member of the DigiPen Community since 1999. For the past 13 years, she has gone above and beyond to provide students with excellent service. Regardless of how long it takes, she dedicates herself to helping students find a resolution to their registration and scheduling issues. According to one student who nominated this person, “She works hard to make sure students can take the necessary classes when they need to. She is accommodating and works miracles. She was able to help me work out my schedule so that I could afford to take all my classes and keep under 15 credits.” Another student wrote, “Making my class schedule was sometimes difficult. She made it easy and made sure I graduated.” Whether she is working with an incoming student or a graduating senior, this year’s Gordy award winner is a prized asset within the DigiPen administration.

Please join us in congratulating our Assistant Registrar and this year’s Student Association Award recipient, Asuka Miyahara. Thank you, Asuka, for your 13 years of dedication and support. You are truly a valued member of the DigiPen Community.