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Discover DigiPen

Welcome to DigiPen

Who Are We?

DigiPen is a college and academic community of builders and believers with a shared passion for video games, art, music, and innovation. It’s also the home of the Dragons.

We Are Dragons!

What are some of the qualities of Dragons? They often…

A DigiPen student digitally drawing on a tablet

Daydream of building their own worlds

Want to feel passsionate in their work

A DigiPen student showcases their animation process
A group of DigiPen student collaborating around a computer

Don't just ask how, but why

Embrace a good challenge

A DigiPen student stands smiling while drafting a neural network on a piece of glass

Dragons also go on to create amazing things.

Have you ever played Elden Ring, STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor™, or Horizon Forbidden West? Dragons helped make each of those video games and thousands of other commercial titles too.

A DigiPen student presents her artwork on a tablet during a busy internship fair.

What Can You Do Here?

We were the first school in the world to offer a bachelor’s degree in video game programming and we’ve branched out into several other areas of study since then. Take a look at some of the games, animations, and artwork that Dragons have produced in their time here.

Our Students Are Amazing