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Gain valuable experience and explore exciting opportunities in South Korea with DigiPen Institute of Technology’s dual degree program in collaboration with Keimyung University.

Dual Degree Program

Earn two Bachelor degrees at once—a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation from DigiPen Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering in Game and Mobile Contents from Keimyung University—while taking part in a cross-cultural experience.

By simultaneously pursuing DigiPen’s B.S. in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation and KMU’s Bachelor of Engineering programs, students will:

  • Learn the foundational math, physics, computer science, and programming concepts at the core of game and software development.

  • Gain practical experience creating original video games in a collaborative, industry-modeled environment.

  • Experience the unique cultures of Korea and the United States with all classes taught in English.

Graduates of the DigiPen degree program have gone on to pursue a wide range of software engineering and game development careers at companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Nintendo.

Program Overview

Students in this program spend five semesters at Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea before completing the program’s last four semesters at DigiPen’s main campus in Redmond, Washington, USA. (Participants also have the option of finishing their degree at DigiPen’s campus in Singapore, instead.)

For the first two years of the program, students study advanced mathematics as well as general computer programming in C/C++ at Keimyung University. Students then apply these subjects to their freshman and sophomore game projects. First-year students create 2D game projects using DigiPen’s proprietary Zero Engine editor and a basic graphics engine. Sophomores collaborate on game teams to build their own 2D game and graphics engine.

During the last two years of the program, students study advanced computer science topics at DigiPen in Redmond while taking more elective-based coursework. For their junior-year project, students complete an original 3D game and graphics engine. Students live and work alongside degree candidates from other majors, such as game design and digital art and animation.


The dual degree program is made all the more impressive by the amazing faculty members from both Keimyung University and DigiPen Institute of Technology who take part in it. Students receive top-notch training from DigiPen faculty in the Computer Science (CS) and Game Projects (GAM) courses and KMU professors in the other courses necessary to complete the degree program, and can get valuable one-on-one time with teachers (the student-to-professor ratio is roughly just 10-to-one).

David W. Ly

Chairperson and Program Manager of DigiPen-KMU, Game Dept. Lecturer, Associate Professor

David W. Ly is the Game Department Lecturer in Game Development and Project and Team management for project courses GAM 100, GAM 150, GAM 200, and GAM 250.

Ly graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2009, and was selected amid steep competition to teach in South Korea as a part of Keimyung University’s dual degree program. As the Game Department Lecturer, Ly works closely with each team of students to help manage and guide them through each stage of development, from designing to planning and scheduling to final release. He also makes sure students have the foundational skills necessary to work as a team, playtest their games, and deliver quality presentations.

In addition to his duties as a lecturer, Ly is responsible for managing the dual degree program by ensuring the courses offered meet the standards expected by DigiPen Institute of Technology. He collaborates with Keimyung University to foster the future growth of the program, and actively takes part in student outreach, student retention, and student advising programs.

Rudy D. Castan

CS Lecturer, Associate Professor

Rudy Castan is a Game Programming Lecturer for DigiPen’s and Keimyung’s joint program.

Castan is a DigiPen graduate from the class of 2009, though he completed his degree in 2008, earlier than his peers. After school, he created a Nintendo DSi game demo on his own. He studied and worked with Swedish Game Development students at the University of Gotland. He then moved to San Francisco, where spent the next five years working on an MMO and many mobile games. He is an avid food lover, especially Korean food. He currently resides happily in Korea with his family, where he shares his passion and knowledge for game development.

Hyerin Kim

Senior Officer, Korea K-12 Program/DigiPen-KMU Administration

Hyerin Kim has been promoting companies and brands at international events since she graduated from Yeoungnam University in Daegu, South Korea. She also worked with the City of Daegu for the Colorful Daegu Festival and promoted Stompy Ruffers, a cultural fusion organization, through fun activities.

Kim now works as a Program Coordinator for the DigiPen-KMU dual degree program, and is in charge of program growth, outreach, and supporting international students.

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