DigiPen students including programmers from the BS in Computer Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation, BS in Computer Science, and BS in Engineering and Sound Design degree programs, artists from the BFA in Digital Art and Animation program, game designers from the BA in Game Design and BS in Computer Science and Game Design degree programs, and sound designers from the BS in Engineering and Sound Design and BA in Music and Sound Design degree programs - collaborate on game projects where they create text-based, 2D, and 3D games. Download and play student games here.

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DigiPen's BFA in Digital Art and Animation and MFA in Digital Arts degree programs prepare students to create everything from character designs to concept art using both traditional and digital media. View examples of their work here.

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Students in DigiPen's BFA in Digital Art and Animation program create put their skills into practice by creating short animated films from concept to completion. Watch some of their completed video projects here.

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DigiPen's BS in Computer Engineering program combines electrical engineering and computer science in project-based classes where students create their own electronic hardware, including autonomous robots, handheld gaming consoles, and even cellular phones.

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