Scholarships are awards (usually monetary) given to students by an organization or donor to help pay for students' education. Students must meet the organization or donorís criteria ó such as pursuing a certain program of study, demonstrating financial need, writing an essay on a particular topic, or being an exemplary student.

If you are accepted for a scholarship opportunity, you should notify DigiPenís Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible so we can add the funds to your award letter and account and work with the scholarship agency if necessary. Private organizations will notify you directly of an award, its requirements, and how you will receive the funds.

DigiPen will apply any scholarship awards toward your unmet need or will reduce your loan aid (rather than grant aid) by an amount equal to the scholarship award. Note that scholarship dollars usually will not replace your expected family contribution (EFC).

DigiPen Scholarships

DigiPen offers the following need-based and merit-based scholarships for eligible undergraduate and graduate students.

All eligible, accepted students are considered for the DigiPen Presidential Merit Scholarship and the Computer Engineering scholarships (if pursuing the BS in Computer Engineering degree program). You must submit a separate application for each other scholarship for which you qualify.


The DigiPen Presidential Merit Scholarship

In support of DigiPenís goal of attracting the best and brightest students, DigiPen Institute of Technology awards a number of merit scholarships each year to students who exhibit exceptionally strong academic performance and/or artistic talent. All applicants to the school are automatically considered for a DigiPen Presidential Merit Scholarship ó no application is necessary.


Art Scholarship

The priority deadline for this scholarship is February 1.

DigiPen offers two scholarships of up to $10,000 each for incoming students who demonstrate considerable artistic talent. To apply for this scholarship, students must complete the Art Scholarship application below and submit the required materials listed on the application. The first scholarship is awarded after the February 1 priority deadline and the second is awarded after the April 1 deadline.


Bridge Scholarship

The priority deadline for this scholarship is February 1.

DigiPen offers a limited number of Bridge Scholarships to incoming students who demonstrate considerable financial need. To be considered, students must complete a FAFSA ( in addition to the Bridge Scholarship application below. Bridge Scholarships are awarded in late spring to early summer, once students have completed the financial aid process for the upcoming academic year.


Computer Engineering Scholarships

DigiPen awards up to 20 scholarships based on merit and financial need to highly qualified applicants who commit to pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCE) degree program. These scholarships cover up to 75% of tuition and are renewable for up to five years. Recipients of Computer Engineering Scholarships are also eligible to earn an additional $1,500 stipend for summer research projects at DigiPen following their sophomore and junior years.

All applicants to the BSCE program are automatically considered for this scholarship; there is no separate application.

To retain the Computer Engineering Scholarship, a recipient must continue to pursue the BSCE degree program and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. For recipients who receive additional grants or scholarships, the sum of the Computer Engineering Scholarship and these other awards may not exceed the total cost of tuition.


FIRST Scholarship

DigiPen offers two meritĖbased scholarships of $5,000 each for high school seniors who have participated on a For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) team during their junior or senior year of high school. A scholarship committee evaluates applications based on an essay about the applicant's involvement in FIRST and the student's academic record.


Jim Johnson Memorial Scholarship

The deadline for this scholarship is April 1.

The purpose of the Jim Johnson scholarship is to promote and provide financial assistance to a candidate who demonstrates talent, creativity, and a sense of adventure and courage in the pursuit of a degree in digital art at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

The award for this scholarship is up to $25,000 per year for up to four years (Bachelor's degree student) or up to $25,000 per year for up to two years (Master's degree student), to be applied toward tuition and fees at DigiPen Institute of Technology and subject to terms and conditions as indicated on the award offer letter.


DigiPen Scholarships for Continuing Students

The priority deadline for this scholarship is February 1.

Continuing students who demonstrate financial need and academic success can apply for DigiPen's Scholarships for Continuing Students by submitting the application below. These scholarships are awarded to DigiPen sophomores, juniors, and seniors who:

  1. have demonstrated leadership skills through active participation in campus activities,
  2. have proven to be valuable members of the DigiPen community,
  3. and are making satisfactory academic progress.

DigiPen offers three different Scholarships for Continuing Students, including the Continued Student Academic Success (CSAS) Scholarship, the DigiPen Financial Stimulus Scholarship, and the Campus Leadership Scholarship. All three of these scholarships utilize the same application; applicants must indicate on their application which scholarships they would like to apply for.

Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are offered by a variety of third-party organizations, each with its own eligibility criteria, requirements, deadlines, and award amounts.

To be considered eligible for a private scholarship, you must usually submit an application. Submitting the FAFSA does not by itself qualify students for scholarships, but many scholarships (including DigiPen's institutional scholarships) require that you submit your FAFSA beforehand to prove financial need.


Featured Private Scholarships

DigiPen students have found success with the following private scholarships.

  • College Success Foundation: Need-based scholarships offered by the College Success Foundation are available to students attending college in Washington State. Scholarships available include the Leadership 1000 Scholarship, the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship, and the Governorís Scholarship for Foster Youth.
  • Robert B. McMillen Foundation Scholarship: This $25,000 scholarship is available to students pursuing an education in fine art at select schools, including DigiPen.


Other Private Scholarships

Students are encouraged to seek out and apply for private scholarship opportunities to fund their education. DigiPen does not endorse any particular private scholarships, but we suggest using the following scholarship search engines to begin your search: