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Frequently Asked Questions

When is tuition due?

The academic year payment schedule can be found in the current Course Catalog or on the Academic Calendar (select Registration and Billing in the dropdown menu).

How do I receive a tuition account statement?

Tuition account statements are automatically sent to the student’s billing address on the following occasions. Additional copies may be printed upon request by the student.

  • An Invoice of Tuition Balance is sent to your billing address once your course registration is accepted by the Registrar’s Office.

  • An Invoice of Added Courses is sent to your billing address when you add courses to your registration. The payment is due immediately if the balance due date has already passed.

  • A Credit for Dropped Courses statement is sent to your billing address when you drop courses from your registration before the refund deadline. No payment is due unless an unpaid balance remains in your account. A credit balance may be applied to future dues or refunded upon receipt of a Reimbursement Request.

  • A Receipt of Payment is sent to your billing address when a payment is made toward your tuition account

  • A Disbursement of Loan/Grant/Scholarship is sent to your billing address when your tuition account is credited with a loan/grant/scholarship.

Can you tell me the current balance in my tuition account?

You may request a copy of your current account balance statement from the Billing tab in SRS. You may also walk in, email, mail, phone, or fax to:

DigiPen Accounting Department
9931 Willows Road NE Redmond, WA 98052
Email: accounting[at]digipen[dot]edu
Phone: (425) 629-5025 or (425) 629-5054
Fax: (425) 629-5047

What will my tuition account balance be after my financial aid arrives?

The Accounting Department may not know the status of your financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to find out how much you are scheduled to receive in financial aid. The current balance in your tuition account minus the amount of expected financial aid will be the future balance of your account. Please contact the Accounting Department if you need to find out the current balance of your tuition account or to see if any financial aid has been disbursed to your account.

When will my financial aid be credited to my tuition account?

  • Non-federal loan/grant/scholarship: Your account is credited the same day when the funds arrive at the Accounting Department.

  • Federal loan/grant: Please contact the Financial Aid Office for the estimated date of origination. It may take 7 to 14 business days after the origination for your tuition account to be credited with the Federal Student Aid funds.

Will you automatically refund the credit balance?

It depends on the type of payment that created the credit balance. If your credit balance comes from Federal Student Aid funds, you will automatically receive an FSA Credit Balance Payment Check from us within 14 days of FSA funds disbursement.

A credit balance that comes from any other types of payment will remain in your account to be applied to future dues unless you submit a Reimbursement Request Form. See our Tuition and Housing Payments FAQ for more details.

A credit balance that is left in a tuition account that becomes inactive due to Institutional or Academic Withdrawal will be automatically refunded to the student’s last known billing address within 60 days of the change of status.