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April 2020 Update: The 2020 Career Fair has been postponed to a date yet to be determined. Participating students will be kept informed of event details as they become known.

On this page you’ll find the full list of students participating in our 2020 Career Fair. If you aren’t able to attend the Career Fair, we highly recommend that you view the students’ portfolio websites by clicking on their names below*.

*Any links to external websites provided on this page are provided as a courtesy. DigiPen does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations and their inclusion should not be construed as an endorsement by DigiPen Institute of Technology of the content or views of the linked materials.


Alessandro ZerrBFAAnimationAnimator
Andrei Paul ElenzanoBFA2D ArtIllustrator
Anna BaltzoBFA2D ArtCharacter Concept Artist
Areli QuinonezBFA2D ArtAnimator
Ari TrejoBFAAnimationCharacter Animator
Ben AdmanBFA3D ArtTechnical Artist
Ben BerkenkotterBFA2D ArtCreature Artist
Bristol LakshasBFA3D ArtTechnical Artist
Cal SantiagoMFA3D ArtCharacter Technical Artist
Carmel KhoBFA3D ArtEnvironment Artist
Caroline KimBFA2D ArtIllustrator
Christine “Knight” CongerBFA3D Art3D Environment Artist
Christine KimBFA2D ArtConcept Artist
Claire SelvogBFA3D ArtTechnical Artist
Dakota CurryMFA2D ArtConcept Artist
Dalton DowningBFAAnimationCharacter Animator
Eryn SucharaBFAAnimationMixed Media Artist
Ethan YuBFAAnimationAnimator
Jacques ParksBFA2D ArtConcept Designer
Jason ChiuBFA3D ArtTechnical Environment Artist
Jordan GazittBFA2D ArtStory Artist
Juan MendozaBFA3D Art3D Concept Artist
Kait BairdBFA3D Art3D Artist
Kallie KingBFA2D ArtCharacter Artist
Kate AndersonBFAAnimationAnimator
Katherine MurphyBFA3D Art3D Environment Artist
Lyn KlineMFA3D Art3D Character Artist
Megan RobertsMFA3D ArtCharacter Artist
Miranda KoulogeorgeBFA3D ArtEnvironment Modeler
Natalie SpitzelMFA3D Art3D Environment Artist
Nicole DavisBFA3D Art3D Artist
Nikki MooreBFA3D Art3D Artist
Praewa AkhawutwanitBFA2D Art2D Artist
Rathanon SantiwiriyakarnBFAAnimation3D Animator
Riley HazelriggBFA3D Art3D Environment Artist
Russell HigginsBFAAnimationVFX Artist
Salvatorre YazzieBFA2D ArtConcept Artist
Selena EngBFA3D Art3D Artist
Sharon ChengBFA3D ArtVFX Artist
Sue AndersonBFAAnimationStory Artist
Terry Love-LeeBFA2D ArtConcept Artist
Victoria RidenourBFA3D Art3D Character Artist
Wayde ScottBFA3D Art3D Character Artist
Weerakorn InthapiboolBFA3D Art3D Character Artist

Computer Engineering

Barrett KarstensBSCEComputer EngineeringComputer Engineer
Riley GusaBSCEComputer EngineeringComputer Engineer
Vincent MessinaBSCEComputer EngineeringEmbedded System Engineer


Ben AlbersBAGDUX/UI DesignUser Experience Designer
Brandon YuanBSCSGDSystems and Level DesignLevel Designer
Cameron ScottBSCSGDGame DesignLevel Designer
Chase MattsonBSCSGDSystems and Level DesignLevel Designer
Chay DavisBAGDGame DesignSystems Designer
Elliott StraitBSCSGDGame DesignNarrative Designer
Grace McClintockBAGDGame DesignNarrative Designer
James DircksBAGDUX/UI DesignUser Experience Researcher
Jay HanBAGDUX/UI DesignUI/UX Designer
Jonah Campbell-ShinaultBAGDSystems and Level DesignGame Designer
Kai McDonaldBAGDGame DesignGame Designer
Kara LaumannBAGDUX/UI DesignUX Designer
Kyle ElamBSCSGDSystems and Level DesignSystems Designer
Laurel PrattBAGDGame DesignDesigner
Lelan SawtelleBAGDSystems and Level DesignSystems Designer
Luiz Kato JuniorBAGDUX/UI DesignUX Designer
Mark GonzalezBSCSGDSystems and Level DesignSystems Designer
Matthew WinterBAGDGame DesignGame Designer
Nolan DostBAGDUX/UI DesignUI Designer
Pat Yimtae BAGDUX/UI DesignUX Designer
Pedro TorresBAGDSystems and Level DesignTechnical / System Designer
Raymon ChenBSCSGDSystems and Level DesignGame Designer
Ronald VanBSCSGDSystems and Level DesignLevel Designer
Sarah GravesBAGDGame DesignGame Designer
Sean HillBAGDSystems and Level DesignDesigner
Sean LurinsBAGDUX/UI DesignUX Design
Sena SpragueBAGDSystems and Level DesignNarrative and Level Designer
Stav HinenzonBSCSGDGame DesignTechnical Designer
Talenua DharaphopBAGDGame DesignGameplay Designer
Thomas DavisBAGDGame DesignDesigner
Trevor HarronMSCSGame DesignGame Desiger
William HarlineBSCSGDSystems and Level DesignTechnical Designer
William WellsBAGDSystems and Level DesignLevel Designer


Blake SmithBAMSDProductionProducer
Riley RobertsBAGDProductionProducer
Sam JordanBAGDProductionProducer


Aaron DamyenBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Architecture
Aaron RabinBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingTools Programmer
Aleksey PerfilevMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Software Engineer
Alex HarteBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Graphics Engineer
Alex KudebehBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Angela WuMSCSGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Arnold GeorgeMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Graphics Programmer/ Software Engineer
Brian LuBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Ching-Yen LinMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Coleman JonasBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Programmer
Connor SheaBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Daechul JungBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Game Developer
Daniel RasskeMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Darren LinBSCS RTISData and Generalist ProgrammingSoftware Engineer
David PetikaBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGame Developer
Deni Van WinkleBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Dhrumil ShuklaMSCSData and Generalist ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Dylan RossBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Software Engineer
Feiya ChiuMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Gameplay Programmer
Fenil ShingalaMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Georgette GohBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Gregory LeeBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingAI Programmer
Hunter ElofsonBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Ilio BenvenutiBSCS RTISData and Generalist ProgrammingSoftware Engineer
Iris WuMSCSGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Isaac HillBSCS RTISData and Generalist ProgrammingNetwork Programmer
Jacob MichaelisBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Software Engineer
Jake LewandoskyBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Joey CannonBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Jonathan AckermanBSCSData and Generalist ProgrammingSoftware Engineer
Jonathan JeromeBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Joshua GreeneBSCS RTISData and Generalist ProgrammingGeneralist Programmer
Joshua MarloweBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
KaCheong LiMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Kento MurawskiBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Kevin ChenMSCSGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Kieran WilliamsBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingGame Programmer
Lou O’ConnorBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingTechnical Artist
Louis HongBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Lux CardellBSCSData and Generalist ProgrammingProgrammer
Matthew AdamsBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Programmer
Michael KinyonBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Mitchell LeeBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Morgen HydeBSCSDAAudio ProgrammingAudio Programmer
Nahye ParkBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Game Developer
Nathan MuellerBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Olivia BarrellBSCSData and Generalist ProgrammingSoftware Engineer
Peyton FroemmingBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Pratyush GawaiMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Ray AnBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Romil TendulkarMSCSGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Ryan BoothBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Sacchin GobanBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Graphics Engine Programmer
Sai Sindhu JannaliMSCSGameplay and AI ProgrammingAI/ML and Gameplay Programmer
Sairaj PadgheMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programming
Samuel CookBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Programmer
Samuel Wortley SageBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingAI Programmer
Seth GlaserBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Shashwat PandeyMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Sidhant TummaMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Programmer
Supreeth Rao PejawarMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Gameplay Programmer
Taylor OsmondBSCSDAAudio ProgrammingAudio Programmer
Teerapat UdomsinwatanaBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Trevor WarrenBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Tyler RobbinsBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Software Engineer
Vahe DzhermakyanBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Vidhi SoniMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Graphics Programmer
Vineet Amarjeet DograMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Weston BakerBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingProgrammer
Wonjae JungBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Youngjin KilBSCS RTISData and Generalist ProgrammingSoftware Engineer
Zach DolphBSCSDAAudio ProgrammingAudio Software Engineer
Zayd GaudetBSCSDAAudio ProgrammingAudio Programmer