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On this page you’ll find the full list of students participating in our 2019 Career Fair. If you aren’t able to attend the Career Fair, we highly recommend that you view the students’ portfolio websites by clicking on their names below*.

*Any links to external websites provided on this page are provided as a courtesy. DigiPen does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations and their inclusion should not be construed as an endorsement by DigiPen Institute of Technology of the content or views of the linked materials.


Taylor KeatorBFA2D ArtConcept and Texture Artist
Sparrow BuererBFA2D ArtConcept Artist & Illustrator
Sakina MinnisBFA2D ArtConcept Artist
Connor DugganBFA2D ArtConcept Artist
Maria MunozMFA2D ArtStory & Visual Development Artist
Olivia WaldenBFA2D ArtStoryboard Artist
Shannon ParayilBFA2D ArtVisual Development Artist
Jonathan FourieBFA2D ArtConcept Artist
Marko PavicevicBFA2D ArtConcept Artist
Emily SkoppBFA2D ArtVisual Development
Caroline ZanchettaBFA2D ArtIllustrator
Yves SearleBFA2D ArtVisual Development
Karen PhillipsBFA2D ArtStoryboard Artist, Character Designer
Taylor ShookBFA2D ArtConcept Artist
Marc HenryBFA2D ArtEnvironment Concept Artist
Candice KangBFA2D ArtConcept Artist
Gil VermilionBFA2D ArtConcept Artist
Claire FanelliBFA2D ArtCharacter Creature Concept Artist
Delaney KohlerBFA2D ArtVisual Development Artist
Casey WeitzelBFA2D ArtStoryboard Artist
Daniel Felipe FernandezBFA3D Art3D Artist
Rose CarlsonBFA3D Art3D Artist
Eduardo Pacheco-MoralesBFA3D ArtEnvironment Artist
Viet Nhi TranBFA3D Art3D Artist
Hannah PattenMFA3D ArtCharacter Designer
Christopher DeMersBFA3D Art3D Prop Artist
Pakhamon KanchanawenichBFA3D Art3D Artist
Amanda KrumBFA3D ArtTechnical Artist
Zephren VarnerBFA3D ArtEnvironment Artist
Trevor BarrettBFA3D ArtEnvironment Artist
Akiko MuellerBFA3D Art3D Modeler
Chikara HondaBFA3D ArtRigger
Arocha NitichakornBFA3D Art3D Artist
Yun Huai HuangMFA3D ArtConcept/Character Artist
Nathaniel HintonBFA3D Art3D Environment Artist
Grant LeederBFA3D ArtEnvironment Artist
Amber KalinaBFA3D Art3D Environment and Props Artist
Rian OwensBFA3D ArtEnvironment & VFX Artist
Nitsiri AnamwathanaBFA3D ArtCharacter and Concept Artist
Todd AlberdaBFA3D Art3D Environment and Prop Artist
Jacob BrockwayBFA3D ArtCharacter Artist and Rigger
Emma GreenBFA3D ArtCharacter Modeler
Daniel Sayed EbrahimBFA3D ArtEnvironment/Prop/Texture Artist
Natisha ReidBFA3D Art3D Environment Artist
Jessica GallaherBFAAnimationStory Artist
Lex HobsonBFAAnimationStory Artist
Nathan MessanaBFAAnimation3D Animator
Sophia AbouzeidBFAAnimationTechnical Animator
Yara Abou SamraBFAAnimation3D Animator
Lauren BrownBFAAnimation2D Animator
Vincent MooreBFAAnimationCharacter Animator
Kinsey SpudeBFAAnimationAnimator
Tami TritzBFAAnimationRigger


Desmond ThamBAGDSystems and Level DesignNarrative Designer
Re NocturneBAGDSystems and Level DesignNarrative Designer
Casey DenglerBAGDSystems and Level DesignSystem and Gameplay Designer
Nick JohnstonBAGDSystems and Level DesignGame Designer
Tristan BeginBSCSGDSystems and Level DesignGame Designer
Grant JoynerBAGDSystems and Level DesignLevel Designer
Jonathan WilliamsBAGDSystems and Level DesignLevel Designer
Jullian HyattBSCSGDSystems and Level DesignTechnical Game Designer
Sierra SchedinBAGDSystems and Level DesignNarrative Designer
Ben DeVriesBSCSGDSystems and Level DesignLevel Designer
Jade HymerBAGDSystems and Level DesignGameplay Designer
John ParagasBAGDSystems and Level DesignGame Designer
Gregor SmithBAGDSystems and Level DesignGameplay Designer
Anthony BensonBAGDSystems and Level DesignLevel Designer
Greg MortonBAGDSystems and Level DesignGame Designer
Matthew MixanBAGDUX/UI DesignUX Designer
Matthew CraigBAGDUX/UI DesignUX Designer
Ashley KimBFAUX/UI DesignUI Artist
Kat MicinskiBAGDUX/UI DesignUI/UX/UR Designer
Emmeline EstrampesBSCSGDUX/UI DesignTechnical UI/UX Designer
Ethan TalBSCSGDUX/UI DesignUI/UX Developer
Kristen SchererBAGDUX/UI DesignUI/UX Designer

Embedded Systems

Yifei FangBSCEEmbedded SystemsEngineer
Justin RomeroBSCEEmbedded SystemsComputer Engineer
Lauren TurnbowBSCEEmbedded SystemsComputer Engineer
Georgia WetherholtBSCEEmbedded SystemsComputer Engineer


Maria BourgBAGDProductionProducer
Josh JacobiBSCSGDProductionTechnical Producer


Ian KoleBSCSDAAudio ProgrammingAudio Programmer
Alexzander DeJardinBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Mark SmithBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Technical Artist
Riley AlstonBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Graphics Programmer
Ethan MoriBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Graphics Programmer
Maxwell OrthBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Bailiang GongMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Sujay ShahMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Raymond MoorheadBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Engine Programmer
Rohit ToletyMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Game Programmer
Andrew GriffinBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Graphics Programmer
Varun PremchandranMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Graphics/Gameplay Programmer
Chen LuMSCSCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Lead Programmer
Dyllan MartinoBSCS RTISCore Programming (engine, physics, graphics)Graphics Programmer
Gabriel MillerBSCSGDData and Generalist ProgrammingTechnical Designer
Jacob McPeakBSCS RTISData and Generalist ProgrammingSoftware Engineer
Zoheb HynusMSCSGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Zander KandalaftBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingSoftware Engineer
Kirby DuncanBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingSoftware Engineer
Mor HabaBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingTechnical Designer
Lin Yen-LiangMSCSGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Trevor AndersonBSCSGameplay and AI ProgrammingGeneral Programmer
Carlie OlsonBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Alan TsangBSCSGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Shawn MastersBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Marc WoffordBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingSystem Programmer
Michael RossBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGame Designer
Mark RowlandBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Dylan WeberBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Noah CurtisBSCS RTISGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer
Connor TilleyBSCSGDGameplay and AI ProgrammingGameplay Programmer

Sound Design

Kurtis BurtonBAMSDSound DesignTechnical Sound Designer
Michael GarnerBAMSDSound DesignSound Designer
Eric KlassenBAMSDSound DesignComposer/Sound Designer
Drake ParkerBAMSDSound DesignComposer/Sound Designer
Martin PenberthyBAMSDSound DesignSound Designer and Composer
Brooke RobertsonBAMSDSound DesignComposer
Joshua StollBAMSDSound DesignSound Designer
Kathy StrebelBAMSDSound DesignAudio Implementation