Housing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Are students required to live in student housing?
No. Participation in the student housing program is optional.

How many residents live in each unit?
The majority of our units have four residents, but we do have a limited number of units that have five residents.

What is the size/layout of the units?
Our units are located within four different complexes (Olde Redmond Place, Gates of Redmond, Shadowbrook, and The Summit), and have different floor plans and arrangements. The majority of our units have two bedrooms and two bathrooms on a single floor, but we do have a limited number of units that are two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Is family housing available?
DigiPen Housing, LLC does not currently provide a family housing program.

Can I view a unit prior to applying?
DigiPen Housing is able to open up a student unit to tour for a brief period during each DigiPen Preview Day thanks to our wonderful resident volunteers. We do not offer viewings outside of these events for the privacy of our current residents. Please see the Admissions page for more information and to RSVP for a Preview Day.

Applicants are also welcome to contact the complexes to get a tour of a non-DHL apartment outside of Preview Days, but the unit will not show the provided furnishing or necessarily be the same layout provided to residents.

Can I have a pet in Student Housing?
No pets of any kind are allowed in student housing. If you require a service or therapy animal as an accommodation for a documented disability, please contact the Disability Support Services department for more information on required documentation and policies.

What is the smoking policy?
Smoking is not allowed inside of DigiPen Housing units or balconies. Many of the complexes we work with additionally have strict "no smoking policies" for their entire property. Please note that this includes e-cigarettes, hookah, vaping, and any other way to smoke tobacco and/or marijuana.

What is the alcohol and drug policy?
Alcohol, drugs (including marijuana), and related paraphernalia are not allowed in units, even if a resident is over 21 years of age.

Can I request a specific roommate/complex/unit?
After submitting an application, students will have the opportunity to request roommates via the Roommate Matching Module through SRS. The Roommate Matching Module will be available starting February 13, 2017.

What furniture is provided with the unit? Do units come with Washer/Dryer?
Please see the Housing amenities page for a list of provided furniture and other amenities. We additionally provide residents a list of recommended items that are not provided when roommate placements are announced.

Is transportation available for residents to get to campus from student housing?
All complexes are less than 2 miles from campus, so many students opt to walk or ride bicycles to campus. DIT additionally provides a shuttle service that stops at each student housing complex. For a schedule of shuttle times and other information, please see the DigiPen transportation information page.

How far away from the DIT campus are the units?
Our units are located within four different complexes (Olde Redmond Place, gates of Redmond, Shadowbrook, and The Summit). Olde Redmond Place is about 1.6 miles away from campus, Gates of Redmond is about 1.1 miles away from campus, Shadowbrook is about 0.9 miles away from campus, and The Summit is about 1.2 miles away from campus.

Is housing available over holiday break?
Residents are allowed to stay in their assigned units over holiday break at no additional cost. Residents who do stay in student housing over holiday break are required to sign a Holiday Break Housing Waiver recognizing the temporary change to Housing Policies and limited staff during this period. If a resident doesn’t fill out the Holiday Break Housing Waiver, they could be asked to leave DigiPen Housing for the remainder of the break.

Is summer housing available?
Yes. There will be limited summer housing for students who are taking classes over Summer Term. Information regarding Summer Term housing will be sent to all DigiPen students during the Spring 2017 semester.

Please note that all residents will have to move out during intersession (between Spring and Summer terms and Summer and Fall terms) regardless if they are living in DigiPen Housing. DigiPen Housing uses this time to conduct large maintenance projects and deep clean all of our units.

How can I pay for Housing?
Please see Make a Housing Payment for information on the different methods to pay for Student Housing.

If I apply to live in Student Housing and then later decide not to attend DigiPen, or not live in Student Housing, am I eligible to receive a refund of my application fee/deposit? What if I apply after the priority deadline and you are unable to provide me a space in Student Housing?
Individuals who withdraw their housing application prior to May 31, 2017 will be issued a refund of their housing application fee/deposit. Any student who applies after the priority deadline and is unable to be placed within Student Housing due lack of space will also be eligible to receive a refund of their application fee/deposit.

Contact DigiPen Housing

If you have any questions about DigiPen Housing, email housing[at]digipen[dot]edu or call us at 425-895-4411. Additionally, individual housing staff contact information is located here.

Important Dates

  • Oct. 17, 2016:
    Priority Applications Open
  • Feb. 13, 2017:
    Priority Applications Closed
    General Applications Open
  • May 31, 2017:
    Last Day to Receive a Deposit Refund
  • June 1, 2017:
    General Applications Closed
  • July 17, 2017:
    Roommate Assignments & Housing Placements Announced
  • Aug. 1, 2017:
    Housing Payment Due
  • Aug. 24, 2017:
    International Resident Move-In Day
  • Aug. 26, 2017:
    Move-In Day

Off-Campus Living Resources

For existing students or those not seeking housing through DigiPen Housing, LLC, DigiPen offers the following additional housing resources: