Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Arrive?

Graduates should arrive no later than 12:15 p.m. of the day of the ceremony to be lined up. Guests must remember to bring their tickets, as they cannot be admitted to the hall without them. Guests should be seated by 12:50 p.m. and the ceremony will begin promptly at 1:00 p.m.

What Happens During the Ceremony?

The ceremony begins at 1:00 p.m. and should last approximately 75 to 90 minutes. Graduates will enter the auditorium with processional music ó Claude Comair will lead the procession, followed by faculty and then students in alphabetical order by the degree programs. Candidates for graduation will sit at the front of the center section. During the conferrals of degrees each class will get up together and move to stage right. Graduates will then walk up and across the stage as their names are called. As you collect your diploma donít forget to smile so mom or dad can snap a photo of the big moment. A short reception with light refreshments follows the ceremony.

When Will I Receive My Official Diploma?

Since the Commencement Ceremony occurs the weekend following finals, all of your grades have not been received ó therefore your official diploma will be mailed to you in about six weeks. Make sure that we have an address where we can mail your diploma. Also, many graduates move after graduation so, if you do, make sure we have your new address. Occasionally, an employer will require proof of graduation. If you need proof of graduation and you have not yet received your diploma, we can provide proof through a Graduation Verification form.  Email Student Affairs to request a Graduation Verification form.

Where Should My Visiting Guests Stay?

We have provided a list of accommodations.

What if I Have Additional Questions?

If you have a question that we didnít answer here, contact Student Affairs.