Parking is limited at DigiPen's campus; the institute offers reserved parking for students, faculty, and staff who carpool on a regular basis and purchase a carpool parking pass.

Carpool Eligibility

  • A carpool must consist of three or more members.
  • Participants must carpool together at least three times a week.
  • Participants must be DigiPen faculty, staff, or students.
  • All participants must live further than two miles from campus. Proof of residency (e.g., utility bills, lease or rental agreements, current driver's licenses, etc.) will be required from all members of the carpool.

To Apply

  • Fill out a Carpool Parking Permit Application and submit the completed form to Student Affairs.
    • One participant must be designated as the leader and becomes the main contact between the carpool and Student Services. The leader is responsible for paying the carpool fee.
    • All carpool members must sign the application.
  • Members of a carpool can not "double dip": none of the members of the carpool are eligible for another campus parking pass.
  • Carpool pass applicants are entered into a lottery. Any applicant group that does not receive a carpool parking permit will be entered, as a group, into the regular parking lottery. 

Carpool Parking Procedures

  • Once the carpool has paid its fee, it will receive a hanging parking permit. This allows carpool members to rotate cars if they wish.
  • To use the reserved carpool parking space, at least two members of the carpool must arrive in the vehicle parked in the space.
    • Carpool members may not use carpool parking spaces if they are not carpooling, even if the parking permit is displayed.  

Enforcement and Ending Enrollment

  • Any vehicle parked in a reserved carpool space without a permit will be ticketed and then towed.
  • Student Affairs will revoke permits, without refund, of any carpool whose members park in reserved carpool spaces while not carpooling with other members.
  • If a group member leaves the carpool, Student Affairs should be notified, and the carpool group will have two weeks to find a new member.
  • Carpools may end their carpool group voluntarily up to two weeks into the fall semester of an academic year and receive a full refund.
    • Carpools disbanding after two weeks into the fall semester are not eligible for a refund.