The Bachelor of Arts in Game Design prepares graduates to be modern game designers, capable of working in large teams, communicating and collaborating with other designers, artists, and engineers, and able to create an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. The field of digital entertainment has moved from an era where designers were self-taught and learned on the job, to one where even entry-level designers are expected to be well-trained with proven design skills, along with an understanding of technology, art, audio, narrative, and psychology. Designing digital entertainment is ultimately about breathing life into every aspect of what would otherwise be lifeless code and static pixels on a screen. Designers must continually place themselves in the heads and hearts of their players, shaping every action, every response, the ebb-and-flow of the game's intensity, and then skillfully blend the mechanical, spatial, narrative, visual, and aural aspects of the entire experience.

Admissions Information

Students applying to the Bachelor of Arts in Game Design program must be well-rounded and passionate about game design (both digital and non-digital), including level design, system design, and behavior design. This program is ideal for students with a strong foundation in writing, art, music, history, and psychology, but candidates will also find it useful to complete mathematics courses through pre-calculus prior to attending DigiPen. Read more about applying to the Bachelor of Arts in Game Design program.

Topics Covered

Students in the BA in Game Design program will focus on the following subjects:

  • Game design and development, including game history, game analysis, game mechanics, game dynamics, game aesthetics, 2D and 3D level design, character design, design documentation, and play-testing.
  • Foundational topics such as drawing, modeling, animation, film, and music, as well as academic subjects like mathematics, physics, and computer science.
  • Humanities and social sciences courses such as psychology, economics, writing, and communication.

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Interested to see if the Bachelor of Arts in Game Design program is right for you? The videos below explain what sets this degree apart from other programs offered by DigiPen.

The BAGD Program vs The BSCSGD Program

The BAGD Program vs The BFA Program

Career Outlook

Graduates of the BA in Game Design program will be prepared to pursue a number of entry- and intermediate-level roles in the video game industry, including:

  • Game Designer
  • Level Designer
  • System Designer
  • Encounter Designer
  • Technical Designer

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