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DigiPen Game Team Offers First Look at Perspective

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A new DigiPen student game is making waves in the gaming press! Perspective is an innovative new puzzle platformer from Team Widdershins where players move their 2D avatar through 3D space by shifting their perspective via a first-person camera. This mind-bending mechanic has already caught the attention of video game publications from around the world:

  • "From the DigiPen Institute of Raised Eyebrows and Headscratching comes Perspective …" PC Gamer
  • "Perspective looks to be an innovative puzzle/platformer from DigiPen Institute of Technology, where the student game inspiring Portal was born." Eurogamer
  • "It's remarkably clever. Not just in the idea itself … but in the construction of the puzzles which make use of that concept." Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Perspective is still in development, but the team expects to release their game to the public later this fall. In the meantime, you can follow the team via the Perspective Facebook page or visit the game's official website at

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