Health Insurance

Health Insurance Information

Health insurance is required for all F-1 students attending DigiPen. Proof of Insurance must be submitted to Caroline Tan prior to departing for the semester at the Redmond Campus.

Please read over your insurance policy carefully and be familiar with the process of how to use your insurance when necessary.  Always carry your insurance card with your policy number with you in case of emergency while in the US.

Familiarize yourself with where the closest hospitals are to your housing and how to get there.

Do not go to the Emergency Room unless it is an emergency!! There is a difference between the Emergency Room and Urgent Care. Insurance companies generally do NOT cover Emergency Room charges unless you are admitted as an inpatient and it is deemed an emergency. Use Urgent Care if it is not an emergency situation.  ASK at the front desk if you are unsure of what type of facility it is before you ask for treatment.

See our Urgent Care Educational Flyer more details on the difference between Urgent and Emergency care.