DigiPen Redmond Library

Check-Out and Return Information

  • Please bring your US DigiPen ID card to check out items from the library. If you do not have your badge yet, you may bring a picture ID.
  • While the library is open, please return all items directly to the person staffing the desk.
  • When the library is closed, you may return books in the black book drop outside the library in the hallway. Equipment such as headphones, tablets, tablet pens, calculators, the Vita, DS, or PSP may be returned after closing in the RED equipment drop box. Any equipment that does NOT fit into the box (consoles, boxes of controllers, Kinects, etc.) you may bring in to the library in the first hour of the next day the library is open. Equipment returned in the first hour will be backdated to the previous day.

Check-Out Times:

Material Type

Check Out Time

Books, Magazines

3 weeks (21 days)

Audiovisual (DVDs, games, old consoles)

1 week (7 days)

Art Equipment (tablet pens, tablets)

1 day (due before closing the next day)

Reserve textbooks, videos

4 hours

Equipment (calculators, headphones)

8 hours

Board Games

1 week

Things you can check out of the Redmond DigiPen Library:

  • Books and magazines
  • Televisions, game consoles, and controllers
  • Laptop computers, graphing calculators, tablets, tablet pens, headphones, mouse, speakers, iPhone chargers, Android chargers, and power strips
  • DVDs
  • PC and console games.
  • Need some dice? We have board and table games, playing cards, plus D & D and Pathfinder manuals for check out.

Library Fines

There are fines for things that are returned to the library late, and in Redmond, you are required to pay the fines on things returned late.

Material Type

Overdue Fine


$.15 / day

4-hour reserves/8-hour equipment

$.25 /day


$.25 / day

Library Tips

Some things are a little different in the DigiPen Redmond Library:

  • We have a limited number of tablets available for check out.
  • Students do not get their own tablet; tablets are available for use on some of the computers in Edison, Meiles, Reynaud, Lumiere, and Turing.
  • The library can check out tablet pens for use on these tablets. The pens can be checked out for 1 day, and can be renewed if you need to use the pen for longer.

If you want to have access to a computer outside of the times that the computer labs are open, it is advised that you bring a laptop computer that is equipped for US power sources with you. The library has a few very old laptops that are mostly good for word processing, but they are not good enough computers to use for BFA homework, for example.

You are always welcome to ask us questions; we're all here to help!


Fall 2013 Hours

  • Monday–Friday: 8:45am-8pm
  • Saturday: Noon-4pm