DigiPen Institute of Technology requires all international students to enroll in a health-and-accident insurance policy before the start of classes.

This applies to all international students holding an F-1 visa to attend school in the United States. You should be registered for insurance continuously (ex: September 1 August 31) during the time you hold an F-1 visa at DigiPen. If you already have your own insurance coverage, please fill out the Proof of Insurance form and submit it with a copy of proof of coverage, the terms in English, and coverage amounts listed in United States dollars.

If you need to purchase international health insurance, refer to the links below as a starting point for  your research on different insurance plans. The listing of the providers is provided as a convenience for students and is not an endorsement of any insurance program. Please carefully research insurance plans to determine which insurance company offers the best coverage to fit your needs (e.g., emergency room visits, prescription co-pays, deductible amounts, etc.).

Please Note:

  • Going to the doctor can be very expensive, so make sure to budget for medical expenses.
  • Having health insurance does not necessarily mean that all costs will be covered should you see a medical provider. Every plan is different, so make sure that you research what your plan covers in advance.
  • Not all medical providers will accept the same insurance. Make sure to see which insurance plans are accepted by local medical providers in the Redmond area.
  • It is important that you do ample research to see which insurance plan is right for you.

A minimum policy coverage usually includes:

  • Medical Expenses coverage:
    • Lifetime maximum benefit minimum $1,000,000
    • Policy year maximum benefit minimum $250,000
    • Maximum benefit per injury or sicknesses minimum $250,000
  • Repatriation of Remains coverage
  • Medical Evacuation coverage

Student Secure: International Student Health Insurance

If the above insurance provider does not meet your needs, the link below will list a sample of health insurance plans that students may elect to opt into. Please note that this is NOT a comprehensive list and you may find a plan that better fits your needs. Other Health Insurance Plans

Once you purchase your insurance plan, please fill out the Proof of Insurance Form and submit it with a copy of a card or certificate that indicates the dates of coverage, the terms in English, and coverage amounts listed in U.S. dollars.

Failure to provide proof of insurance by the start of the semester may lead to the cancellation of enrollment and your F-1 visa. Proof of coverage must be provided at the start of every academic year.