The F-1 visa has strict regulations in regards to employment. Please contact Heather Abi-Chahine if you have additional questions.

What is considered "employment"?
"Employment" is any work performed or services provided (including self-employment) in exchange for money or other benefit or compensation (including free food for working at an event). Unauthorized employment is considered a serious violation so please be knowledgeable about your F-1 employment eligibility options and always talk to International Student Services before starting any employment opportunity. Below are your options for employment on an F-1 visa: 

After the F-1 Visa F.A.Q.

Will I be able to obtain an H-1B visa if hired after completing my OPT?
Graduates from DigiPenís undergraduate or graduate programs can apply to obtain an H-1B as part of the regular cap for temporary professional workers. The H-1B application process is the responsibility of the student and his or her potential employer. The decision to approve the H-1B application is through the federal government.

Will I qualify for the graduate exemption for the H-1B cap?
In order to qualify for the exemption, the degree-granting institution must meet the requirements as outlined in the Higher Education Act of 1965. These requirements include that the school must be public or non-profit. Since DigiPen is a for-profit school, graduate students must apply for the H-1B as part of the regular cap.