Continuing Education | Homeschooling 101

For Parents:

DigiPenís Continuing Education Program is offering an opportunity for parents who are thinking about homeschooling to attend a two day workshop that will cover a multitude of different topics. These topics include: Getting Started, Framework, Demystifying, Budget, Curriculum, Organization and Resources. Upon completion of the two day workshop you will have the necessary tools to get started and make an informed decision if homeschooling is right for you and your family.

When: Please contact us for more information.
Where: DigiPen Institute of Technology

Completion of this workshop fulfills Washington State's requirement for a parent qualifying course.

For additional information please contact or call 425-895-4433.

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ProjectFUN Homeschool Courses

For Homeschoolers:

For families who have already begun homeschooling, ProjectFUN is offering courses this fall that allow homeschoolers to study topics in video game programming, fine arts and multimedia production, and engineering.

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All Homeschool workshops and courses are held at Digipenís Redmond campus.


Email us at or call 425-629-5007.