Game development is a core component of DigiPen's curriculum. Each year, students from across DigiPen's degree programs work together on game projects to create fully playable 2D and 3D games. Many of these projects have won awards at competitions like the Independent Games Festival, and a few have even become the basis for blockbuster games like Portal and Portal 2. Learn more about game development at DigiPen by following the links below.

Every year, students from DigiPen Institute of Technology come together to create dozens (if not hundreds!) of high-quality, original PC video games as part of their course curriculum. Each games is posted on the DigiPen Game Gallery for the whole world to see, and the very best are submitted to international game festivals to compete against other student-made games.

Making games requires an incredibly diverse range of skills and specialties. While some games are made by just one or two individuals, it usually takes more than a few people to see a project through to its polished, final state.

Game Teams

A DigiPen game team is composed of students pursuing a variety of degree programs. Each student brings their unique skills, passions, and views to their game teams, resulting in exciting and diversified games representative of their constituent creators.

Each game team employs a unique combination of team members to best suit the gameís needs, and it would be difficult to find two teams with the same makeup of specialized contributors. For example, whereas one game may need half a dozen artists to paint its world, another game may only require a designer to serve part-time as the gameís art creator.

The following are just some of the most common roles on a DigiPen game team.

DigiPen's Flash Interactives are a great way to learn some of the basics of game design

  • Art Directors manage the teamís artistic vision and artists, which may include Character Artists, Environment Artists, Texture Artists, Animators, and Concept Artists, almost all of which come from DigiPenís Digital Art and Animation program or Digital Arts masterís program.
  • Composers and Sound Designers create the soundscapes and soundtracks that bring an otherwise-silent game to life, and typically study for degrees in Computer Science and Digital Audio or Music and Sound Design.

Flash Interactives

Check out our Flash Interactives in the Gallery for playable demonstrations and to see how each part of the game team comes together to form a cohesive product.

DigiPen's ProjectFUN programs offer K-12 students the chance to hone their game development skillsInterested in seeing if the life of a game developer is for you? Itís easy to get a taste of DigiPen first-hand:

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