Game development is a core component of DigiPen's curriculum. Each year, students from across DigiPen's degree programs including programmers from the BS in Computer Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation, BS in Computer Science, and BS in Engineering and Sound Design degree programs, artists from the BFA in Digital Art and Animation degree program, and designers from the BA in Game Design and BS in Computer Science and Game Design degree programs, and sound designers from the BA in Music and Sound Design degree program work together on game projects where they create fully playable 2D and 3D games. Even some of the BS in Computer Engineering students get involved by making custom hardware for games. Many of these projects have won awards at competitions like the Independent Games Festival, and a few have even become the basis for blockbuster games like Portal and Portal 2. Learn more about game development at DigiPen by following the links below.

Download and play DigiPen student games. Choose from hundreds of original games from over a decade of student work, from puzzle platformers to shoot 'em ups and everything in between.

Get a glimpse at how physics, design, artificial intelligence, and 3D math all influence the experience of playing a game in these interactive demos.

DigiPen's ProjectFUN youth programs are a great introduction to game development and DigiPen's unique approach to learning.

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