Flash Interactives

DigiPen is pleased to present these flash games that demonstrate fundamental educational concepts in video games.

To play, you will need the Adobe Flash Player, which you can download here.

Biz Quiz

Do you have what it takes to handle the business side of games? Test your knowledge of the game industry.

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AI Demonstration

Learn about artificial intelligence in games by playing a game similar to the arcade classic, Galaga.

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Physics Demonstration

Learn about physics in games by playing a remake of Lunar Lander. Adjust the gravity and observe how changes in physics can affect the realism and fun of a game.

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Design Demonstration

Explore what makes a game fun by playing our version of Pong. Change the the size of the paddle and the speed of the ball and paddle to gain an understanding of how small changes can have big impact on gameplay.

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Math Demonstration

Discover how math and vectors are used in games to determine speed and direction of moving objects. Modify the speed and direction to control the movement of the objects in this re-creation of Asteroids.

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3D Math Demonstration

Find out what goes in to to creating 3D graphics in this rendering of the Game On logo. There's more to it than meets the eye!

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Color Demonstration

Choosing the right colors for a game can have a big impact on gameplay. Play our version of Pac-Man, but choose your colors wisely.

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