Loans and Grants

In addition to scholarships, a combination of loans and grants is the most common way students with financial need bridge the gap between their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and their total Cost of Attendance (COA).

DigiPen participates in the Direct Loan Program, the largest federal student loan program offered by the U.S. Department of Education.

Grants are a form of gift aid with funding from state or federal sources. Undergraduate students can be considered for grants by completing the FAFSA.

Private Loans

Private loans are often referred to as "private educational loans" or "alternative loans." Private loans are based on your credit history and can help bridge the gap between the your other financial aid funds and the actual cost of your education. These loans are offered by private lenders and should be considered only after exhausting all other sources of funding, including federal loans and grants.

The Office of Financial Aid is available to discuss with all students, and their parents, the financial aid options available to them. Students and parents may qualify for Federal loans or other assistance programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act. Title IV program loans (including Direct Loans) may have more favorable terms and conditions than private educational loans, which do not fall under Title IV.

Before a student can obtain a private loan from a private educational lender, the student must provide the lender with a completed and signed Self-Certification Form. Click here to download the Self-Certification Form: Private Education Loan Self-Certification [PDF]

Preferred Lender Lists: DigiPen does not have any preferred lender arrangements.

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