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Game Concept:

The game takes place in the Demon Realm, inhabited by all kinds of friendly yet strange ghouls and demons. You, the player, control an undertaker who is commissioned by the king to produce an army of the undead by growing them in your graveyard. You can order the zombies that you grow to help you with daily farm tasks.


  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Robust particle system
  • Hand drawn UI graphics
  • Grow up to 6 units using a combination of 2 skeleton types and 3 magical sigils
  • Talk to the 'unique' townspeople, each have several humerous voice over lines.
  • Fun, silly story and atmosphere
  • Mission system drives the gameplay by giving you specific goals to work towards, helping to eliminate the monotony of the simulation genre.


The controls for Zombie Farm are very simple:

  • You interact with the UI using the mouse.
  • [W,A,S,D] and the [Arrow keys] move the character around.
  • [Spacebar] is the context sensitive action key. If you're next to an un-dug grave, press space to dig it up. If you're next to a planted grave, press space to water. Etc. Spacebar also lets you talk to NPCs and smack units on your graveyard with the shovel.
  • [Esc] brings up the in-game menu, letting you access the game options screen, or quit to the main menu. Escape also cancels out of dialog.
  • [Tab] brings up the subscreen in the main game. Press Tab again to close the subscreen.
  • [Shift] also cancels out of dialog boxes. But also, if you hold down shift while moving, you will walk instead of run.


(note: all screenshots taken from the Alpha version)


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