Recognition, Respect, and Publicity

2006 IGF Main Competition Innovation In Game Design Finalist

2006 Slamdance Guerilla Gamemaker Competition Winner
Outstanding Achievement in Physics

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"If you enjoy polygon-base classics like 4-D Boxing or innovative fighting
games in particular, chek out this neat little underdog that is
as underrated as they come. Highly recommended."
-Home of the Underdogs

"NICE WORK! This is a fanTAStic little game!
This is definitely one thats staying on my harddrive for when I need a little break at work."
-Adam deGrandis - Freelance Game Artist

"Excellent, excellent game. :)"
-Ben Meredith,

"Nice work... somewhat addicting (read: I haven't worked since downloading)"
-Adam Lindsay, GarageGames member

"What can I say? Kicks ass. Pure action. =)"
-Magnus Blikstad, WIT Entertainment

"This game is awesome... one of the best freeware games ever..."
-Luke KrazyKain Cassar

"Wish there were more games like this. :)"
-Ben Garney, Torque Technologies Director, GarageGames.Com, Inc.

"Wow, that game kicks ass."
-Sir Sapo,


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