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From Adequate Games, the creators of the critically acclaimed Super Squirrel, comes SUPER SQUIRREL 2, the most intense action-packed 3D platform game to come out of DigiPen.

Play as Super Squirrel, as you fight your way through a futuristic alien base, defeating evil alien blob creatures with Super Squirrel's arsenal of advanced weapons.

Master the intuitive third person playability using the mouse and keyboard, or optional joypad controls. Shoot lasers with your energy blaster and attack with your energy sword.

Collect weapon upgrades as you progress through the game, enabling devastating powerup attacks such as the ice gun, plasma gun and lightning attack.

Explore the large, in-depth alien base as you run and jump through hallways, tunnels and expansive combat arenas collecting acorns and avoiding enemy fire.

Play cooperatively or head-to-head against opponents over the network in the exciting multiplayer mode.

From DigiPen Institute of Technology, SUPER SQUIRREL 2, coming spring 2007

Super Squirrel 2 is a 3D third person action/platform game set to be completed in spring 2007. It is the sequel to the 2D game Super Squirrel.

Gameplay Video


Single Player:


The game uses "FPS" controls from a third person perspective. The player controls the angle of Super Squirrel using the mouse, and can look up and down and rotate 360 degrees. The game camera is located behind the player's head. The left mouse button will shoot a laser in whichever direction the player is looking, and the right mouse button will attack with the energy sword. The W and S buttons move forward and backwards, and A and D strafe left and right. The space bar is used to jump and double jump.


  • Fast-paced third person gameplay
  • Devastating sci-fi weapons
  • Pixel shader effects such as cel shading and normal mapping with specular reflections.
  • Customizable settings that allow the player to redefine the controls and change various graphics options
  • Networked gameplay with cooperative or deathmatch mode
  • Fully animated story sequences

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The game takes place on a futuristic alien military base on a strange planet. The levels are divided into separate rooms with doors linking them together, similar to ''Metroid Prime''. There are three levels in the game, which are played in order (unlike the first Super Squirrel, which let the player choose the level from a world map.) The levels are:
  • Alien Base: A large metallic area, which introduces the basic gameplay mechanics
  • The Ice Level: A frigid environment filled with slippery ice
  • Alien spaceship: A gargantuan mothership that is headed for Earth. The spaceship is filled with crazy traps, including laser turrets, conveyor belts, trampolines, and low gravity areas.

Weapon Powerups

The basic attacks that the player starts with are the energy sword and energy blaster, which can be used for long range and short range attacks, respectively. The player can pick up powerup items throughout the game. Each powerup will affect both the energy blaster and sword while it is equipped. The player can cycle through the weapons with the mouse scroll wheel. The following powerups are planned for the game:
  • Charge beam: Equipped at the beginning of the game. By holding down the left mouse button, the player can charge up a powerful laser attack.
  • Sword throw: Equipped at the beginning of the game. By holding down the right mouse button, the player can toss the sword like a boomerang and steer it towards a target, similar to the RPG in Half Life.
  • Plasma powerup: Shoots a rapid-fire sequence of fast moving lasers
  • Ice powerup: Has the ability to freeze enemies. When enemies are frozen, Super Squirrel can stand on top of them.
  • Lightning powerup: Shoots an instantaneous beam at whatever enemy the player is aiming at.


Unlike the first game, in which Super Squirrel was battling against other forest animals which are placed under mind control, the enemies in Super Squirrel 2 are all viscious alien blobs. It is unknown whether or not there is any connection between the alien blobs and the enemies in the first game. The enemies are:
  • Green blob: The basic enemy that is first seen at the beginning of the game. This enemy is the weakest enemy, and is particularly weak against the basic blaster. Throws green blob attacks at the player.
  • Purple blob: Weak against energy sword attacks. Attacks the player at a short range.
  • Red blob: Weak against plasma attacks. Shoots a rapid stream of red blobs at the player.
  • Blue blob: Weak against ice attacks. Shoots blue blobs that can freeze the player for a very short period of time.
  • White blob: Weak against lightning attacks. Shoots white blobs at the player which do significant damage.
  • Laser turret: Stationary enemies that shoot high speed lasers at the player. These enemies are invincible, so the player must find a way to avoid them or defend against their laser shots.

Other Gameplay Elements

  • Boxes: Can be pushed around to solve various puzzles
  • Switches: Can unlock doors or activate moving platforms
  • Ice: Low friction surfaces that the player can slide around on
  • Conveyor belts: Move the player in a specific direction
  • Exploding barrels: Explode when damaged, attacking the player and any nearby enemies as well as exploding any nearby barrels
  • Trampolines: Send the player flying into the air to reach high areas.
  • Moving platforms: Located in various areas, used for elevators or jumping puzzles


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