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Planar Retainer is brought to you by the letter B, the number 3, and the following team:

Team Code Chemists

David Johnson David Johnson Programmer / Producer / Designer
Personal Website

David is a highly motivated programmer who has taken a lead role in multiple projects at DigiPen, delivering solid physics, stunning graphics, and reliable engines to his various projects. He and Brent came up with the original ideas for Planar Retainer and built the majority of the engine framework. He takes a particular interest in graphics and designed and programmed the entire graphics engine.

Brent Cambpell Brent Campbell Programmer / Technical Director
Personal Website

Brent was one of the original pair behind Planar Retainer. He's created the Input Engine, Sound Engine, and Physics Engine for the game. He's a bit of a Jack-of-all-Trades with his focus more in secondary systems rather than major systems. He's a quick learner and with proper guidance can learn any concept or programming language. He's allergic to chocolate: while this doesn't hinder his coding prowess, it does hinder his ability to be bribed by chocolates.

Chad Hinkle Chad Hinkle Programmer / Product Manager
Personal Website

Built from spare parts of Deep Blue, Skynet and HAL9000, Chad has experience in Artifical Intelligence. Discovered halfway through the Planar Retainer project by David and Brent, Chad was recruited to implement the AI for the game. Although he prefers working on AI, he also enjoys on working on any system with which a player will interact. While standing, Chad appears normal, but upon sitting down he becomes a coding machine.

Code Chemists