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How To Play
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Key Name Description
W Nose Up
S Nose Down
D Turn Right
A Turn Left
Left Click Fires the current weapon
Right Click Manual target lock
Esc Restarts the game
F12 Quits the game
1 Health Requires 5 triangles, restores a minor amount of health.
2 Charge The standard weapon. Shoots a normal shot, hold down to  charge a lock-on shot.
3 Rapid Requires 5 triangles, shoots normal shots rapidly. Does not charge.
4 Double Requires 10 triangles, shoots two normal shots at once. Does not charge.
5 Laser Requires 15 triangles, shoots a pulse laser which can shoot through multiple enemies. Slow recharge, does not charge.
6 Auto Target Requires 20 triangles, shoots two shots which automatically shoot toward an enemy. Does not charge.
7 Cluster Missiles Requires purchase between levels. Shoots up to 4 missiles which use the locking system to designate targets. Limited ammo.
8 Nuke Requires purchase between levels. Locks onto a target and destroys that target and everything nearby. Limited ammo.
9 Stash Triangles Stores triangles for use in the purchase screens between levels. Triangles will auto-stash at the end of a level.

Option Description
Inverted Controls Inverted means that W will Nose Down rather than Nose Up and vice-versa with S.
Music If ON background music will play. If OFF background music does not play though SFX still do.
Difficulty Sets the difficulty of the game. Medium is equivalent to Easy level 8 and Hard is equivalent to Easy level 15.
Credits See info about the team who made the game.
All Options reset back to defaults each time the game is started.

Demo Mode
This can be selected by the player manually or the player can wait and demo mode will start automatically. An AI controlled player plays through the first level of the game.

Element Description
Health Bar The bar on the left side of the screen shows your health.
Score The score counter only shows the score for this individual level. Cumulative scores are shown between levels.
Triangle Counter Counter in the lower left side of the screen, the first number is your active (orbiting) triangles; the second is your stored triangles.
Weapon Bar Bottom of the screen, shows you what weapon you have selected via a green box. Weapons that are not selectable show the number of triangles needed to use the weapon or an X if it must be purchased between levels.
Radar Upper right corner shows the positions of the enemies.
Wave Bar Top middle of the screen, fills up over time to show when the next wave is incoming.