(Download the final version from

Narbacular Drop (IGF Submission)

This is the final release as submitted to the IGF in August, 2005. All features are complete. We plan on modifying the in game tutorial and credits before our final IGF release. Enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Gameplay Video "Truth From Fiction"

Maybe your computer can not play our game. Or maybe you are scared that playing our game will destroy the fabric of space. Either way, you can watch this video of various portal tricks to the sweet Supreme Beings of Leisure groove.

Instruction Manual

You may desire an illustrated guide to teach you how to play Narbacular Drop. If our game were commercially release, this booklet would be packaged with it.

Concept Demo v1.1

If the unique style of gameplay has confused you to the point where you do not understand what it means, this download is for you. It is a two dimensional version of what we plan to accomplish in three dimensions.

Concept Art

The NMS artists designed the overall art style for the game. These are some of the sketches used to communicate their ideas to the programmers. This also contains character art that was used to build the 3D models.

Early Character Concept Art

This contains a programmer's attempt at making art for all the characters in the game. They are now replaced by concept art from the in house Nuclear Monkey Software artists.

Early Concepts

The very first concepts for the game are similar to its current form, but have some interesting differences. Download this if you want to better understand our creative process and how Narbacular Drop was polished. This file also includes drawings of the ending that Jeep and his brother, Kirk, imagined. It is interesting because they were both drawn in isolation, yet they are nearly identical.