Claustrosphere is a third-person 3-D action-arcade game where the player takes control of a ship to destroy hordes of enemies and rack up as many points as possible. In order to accomplish this objective, the player must collect power-ups to upgrade his weapons and deftly maneuver through the playfield while shooting enemies. Inspired by simple, addictive games such as Geometry Wars and Tetris, the massive amounts of graphical and sound effects combined with fast-paced and chaotic action will keep the player coming back for more.

Claustrosphere is done! Click on the Download link above to experience this masterpiece of student programming =).

When we started designing Claustrosphere, we wanted to make a game that was highly accessible and easy to learn. We wanted a casual game that would be so addictive everyone would be playing it in class despite their best efforts. So, we looked at a few games that we felt captured this essence and tried to think of ways to expand them in such a way to add our own flare and twist to them. Claustrosphere was born out of our desires and passions to create a fun and addictive experience. When we're done, we aim to have created a well rounded, balanced, and polished shooter.

How To Play
- Controls
W - Move Forward
S - Move Backward
A - Strafe Left
D - Strafe Right
Q - Barrel Roll Left
E - Barrel Roll Right
Left Shift - Quick Turn-Around (180 degrees)
Ctrl - Strafe Down
Space - Strafe Up
Mouse - Aim/Turn
Left Mouse Button - Fire
Increase/Decrease Shot Spread - Mouse Wheel
Esc - Quit
F4 - Toggle Fullscreen

- The World Sphere
In Claustrosphere, you control a little ship inside a dynamically shifting sphere. This sphere is an indicator to you for how well you are surviving. If the sphere collapses on top of you, the game is over. As you take damage either from collisions with enemies or enemies shooting you, the sphere shrinks in size.

- Powerups
As you kill enemies, they may drop pulses (white rings) that will cause the sphere to grow! These are your lifeline, collect these to survive just a little bit longer. Also, you may notice golden rings dropping, these will upgrade your weapon. Your weapon may upgrade its rate of fire, it might upgrade the number of shots you fire at once, or it might even upgrade to the point where you have a cone of fire which you can control.

- The Centroid
The Centroid is the glowing sphere in the middle. This is how you interact with and control the World Sphere. This is a visual indicator of what the World Sphere is currently doing. If the Centroid is glowing red and sucking energy into itself, that means the World Sphere is shrinking. If the Centroid is glowing blue and exuding energy, then the World Sphere is expanding. If you collide with the Centroid, the World Sphere will shrink much faster than it normally does (while you're in contact with it).

- Scoring
The score you get for each enemy is determined by their complexity and difficulty. This base score is then modified by a number of factors, such as how long you've been playing, and the size of the World Sphere. The smaller the World Sphere or the longer you've been playing, the higher each enemy is worth. Try to keep the sphere as small as possible but still survivable to maximize your score.

- Enemies
Each enemy shows quite a lot of information just in their visual appearance. The number of sides an enemy has is a direct indicator of the amount of health they start with and how difficult their AI is. The more sides an enemy has, the harder they are to kill and the more they try to impede your progress. Also, all enemies start with a base color. This color fades to white based on the amount of health an enemy loses. The more you shoot a sphere for instance, the closer to white it gets (from an original red).

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