Bontãgo 1.1


- Changed again skybox files to 97% quality .jpgs In game, you really cannot tell the difference, and it massively decreases file size
- Also changed the format of all sound effects, providing a great reduction in file size

Bontãgo 1.01


- Increased the mass of all blocks by a 50%. This makes larger blocks more resistant to explosions.
- Reduced the tilt amount of the Propeller and Anvil specialties by one fourth.
- Greatly reduced the rumble caused by an Earthquake specialty (to 25 from 2500). It still attempts to level the playfield.
- Rockets now auto target the tallest tower and attempt to destroy it instead of flying off in a random direction and actually doing nothing.
- Increased the range of a Jumping Beans influence.
- Jumping Beans no longer attempt to stay on the table.
- Jumping Beans are now somewhat affected by explosions.
- Sliders have been added to control the rate at which each individual type of specialty is spawned.
- The world player now makes a better attempt at finding a place to spawn a specialty block.
- Generated world flags are now evenly spaced around the center of the table.
- A bug that caused AI players thrown specialties to not apply gravity has been fixed.
- An option to allow building in any generated influence was added. This allows placing blocks in any influence, regardless of whether it is connected to the players flag. Using this mode can greatly increase performance as well.
- Field sizes now range from 40-100, up from 30-100.
- The timer has been changed to 2-10 seconds, from 1-10 seconds.
- Gravity has changed to being a multiplier .25-2.0. Default gravity is 40.
- All game settings except for number of players is now saved between games.

- In general, multiplayer has been improved by leaps and bounds over the previous version.
- Fixed bogus player time out scheme that caused players to becomed 'timed out' and never receive any block updates.
- When players leave the game their blocks are now synced with other clients rather than just the server.
- The server is now the only one running the physics simulation. Keep this in mind when choosing who will host the game. The fastest computer should (like any other game).
- A bug that caused specialties thrown by a client to not take gravity into account has been fixed.
- Rockets are now synced on clients rather than being completely ignored (when they did nothing).
- The clients no longer expect the physics to perform adequate interpolations for it. It now employs its own interpolation scheme.
- A bug regarding players being left in the lobby is *believed* to have been fixed.
- While in the lobby all player may choose what options they would like to have. If the host wishes, he can use the averages of all players selections as the game options. The clients display both their selections and the current values, so they can see what the options will be.

- Optimized influence connection algorithm. This greatly improves performance across the board.
- Changed graphic file format from .tga's to .png's signifigantly reducing the size of files with no reduction in quality. gg TGA format.
- Made all textures resolutions in powers of 2, greatly decreasing load times.
- Added completely new skyboxes for both Lite and Full editions. They are much higher quality than before.
- In team games, player influences now correctly display their border color even when they are not connected to that players flag.
- In team games, specialties are now given correctly to players who capture them in their influence.
- Added detail setting for influences. Turning them on lower increases performace at a loss of visual quality of influences.

- Implemented a work around for a physics bug.
- Fixed a crash dealing with specialties falling off the table.
- Fixed a crash dealing with complex shadows on Propeller and Volcano specialties.