The Traps
Bomb: A small timed bomb, that drops from the hand’s position. It can be used to cheaply destroy misplaced traps, or kill invaders with its explosion.
Wall: Moderately tall and cheap to build, walls block invaders from progressing, until they’re destroyed. They can be dragged out to form lines quickly.
Hammer: This oversized mallet slams down and kills the invaders in front of it. It has a set number of uses before it breaks down.
Fan: The spinning blades can propel any small invader in the direction if faces, blowing them into harms way. Its speed decreases with use.
Spring: Carefully hidden beneath a giant red ‘X’ this device throws invaders into the air away from the tower. Cheap parts mean that this trap will break down after several uses.
Laser: Entombed in a ziggurat, this mechanical marvel will pop out to shoot at any nearby invaders. The shots are tracking, so no invader can escape. Its batteries recharge over time.
Zapper: A massive bug zapper retrofitted to deal with the invading menace, this trap will instantly electrocute all invaders around it. Its massive power usage causes a delay between each electric discharge.
Axes: Two blunt, rapidly spinning axes serve to whack invaders around in all directions. Hitting invaders, however, slows the axes’ speed.
Poison Mist: This toxic pump continuously generates poison clouds that infect invaders, damaging them over time. The clouds are light enough to float through cracks in walls, yet can be blown with fans and grabbed.
Bulb: A giant monument to Thomas Edison’s invention, this trap can blinds nearby invaders, causing them to randomly wander around, unable to attack. The power surge required causes a delay between flashes.
Flame: Spewing napalm over all nearby invaders, the flam trap can ignite any nearby invaders. These flaming invaders, while still alive, will also set others on fire.
Vortex: The product of a multi-dimensional portal experiment gone bad, this trap sucks invaders into a space rift, killing them. Suction power decreases with use.
Satellite: Death from above. This high tech marvel comes in two parts; first a transmitter is placed on the ground. Then the aerial satellite laser replaces the Hand, and shoots a continuous beam of death onto the ground. This beam costs money when in uses, and gets disabled when you go broke.
Missile: The mother of all traps, the missile trap will fire a devastating close range nuke. All surrounding invaders are instantly vaporized, along with any traps or walls. (Hint: Don’t place near your tower!)