Team Seventh Sigma
Seventh Sigma is a Senior level game development team at DigiPen Institute of Technology. The five members have a combined 27 years of C++ coding experience and have come together on Base Invaders to produce a top quality 3D game.

Stefan Beyer + Designer
+ Logic Programmer
+ Level Design
My main task was to implement the AI for the invaders. The general design of the campaigns, writing part of the GDD, and the creation of the levels were also among my tasks. I enjoy designing both video and tabletop games, and would eventually like to become a senior game designer.
Kyle Foley + Terrain & Deformation Programmer
+ Asset Archival
+ Lead Tester/QA
Previously Kyle has worked on Sound, Networking, Physics, and Input. As a jack-of-all-trades, Freshman year he wrote an ASCII graphics engine, “charCol” for “Zill.” Used to working hard, and Kyle put forth maximum effort while working with Seventh Sigma.
Steven Joseph + Designer
+ Team Manager
+ Gameplay and logic Programmer
I had a lot of fun on this project. The Seventh Sigma team was a wonderful experience. Teamed with such personable and competent people, we were able to get the primary engine completed quickly, allowing me more time to focus on design and other creative gameplay elements.
Nate Martin + Scheduling
+ Presentation Coordinator
+ Preliminary Trap Development
Nathan Martin finished DigiPen in 2005 and is currently working at Microsoft. He is thrilled to have been a part of the Base Invaders team and wants to make it perfectly clear the amazing final product and his own involvement in the project are purely coincidental events.
Matt Miner + Physics Lead Programmer
+ Game Logic Programmer
+ Sound Programmer
Implemented Force-Based Motion, Region-based effects, Spring System. Added Sound Variations, Attenuation, Created and Managed over 100 Custom Sounds. Implemented Menus, Hand, Camera, Traps, & Basic Invader Behaviors. Co-wrote Technical Design Document, Game Design Document
Chris Peters + Technical Programmer
+ Graphics Programmer
+ Concept Engineer
Chris developed the GEAR engine and the graphics system. His primary programming skills are computer science including game systems and game object design as well as advanced computer graphics. His previous projects are NanoTerra , Fatal Flight, Daimyo and Lunastar. He has been a tech director on teams for two years and taught summer workshops at DigiPen.