Front Page FAQs

Q: Where's the Base Invaders! download?
A: It's been moved to the downloads section, but you can get it right here!

Q: What's new in this version?
A: TONS! Cinematics, improved environments, new sounds for invaders. It's like a whole new game!

Q: Do I have the new version?
A: If the words "Near-Final Version 1.3" appear at the bottom of the title screen you've got the current version. Otherwise, check the Downloads section and get the latest and the greatest!


1-25: Slamdance Away!

The Base Invaders! team recently participated in the Slamdance games festival!
The cold snow and impossible parking situation in Park City could not stop the Base Invaders team! We were glad to be able to attend and meet up with the developers of great games like "Cultivation", "Toribash", and "Steam Brigade".

We here at team Seventh Sigma strive to bring you the best, but if your Base Invaders addiction is running low, be sure and check out these great games!

What's coming up? Well, we're less than 2 months away from our (final?) showing at GDC 07, so we've still got time to add a feature or two. Keep a look out for the final version of Base Invaders!, coming soon! !

12-10: Student IGF and Slamdance!

Base Invaders! has been entered into the Student division of the Independent Games Festival!
What's more, we were recently announced as finalists in the Slamdance Guerilla Gamemaker's Competition! We look forward to meeting with the makers of great games there, and hang out on the chilly slopes of Park City!

Wish us luck in the IGF, and we look forward to seeing all kinds of great developers (and filmmakers!) at the Slamdance festival!
From all of us here on the Base Invaders! team, thanks for your support!

9-8: IGF submission!

Base Invaders! has been entered into the Professional division of the Independent Games Festival!
We here at team Seventh Sigma hope for the best, and look forward to joining the ranks of Rumble Box and Bontago as DigiPen games that entered and succeeded in the professional division.

In addition to competing against such fine student games as Toblo and The Blob, we're also fighting for glory against successful Independent titles like Eets and Red Orchestra. So do your part and support Base Invaders!

Next major update? Well, we've got another 2 months before the Student submission. We're looking forward to adding the ability to skip Cinematics, and several new *hush*hush* secret features!

4-25: Seventh Sigma Graduates!

The long months have finally passed and the team of Seventh Sigma has gone the distance! Wish us luck as we journey into the Real World (TM), where the success of Base Invaders! will surely launch us to the top of the video game industry!

In other news, we look forward to making some updates over the summer to improve on our already stellar game design. In the pipeline are Cinematics, Graphics improvements, new invaders sounds, and more!